Dirt Church Radio : Insights from the Running Gurus: Matt Rayment and Eugene Bingham

In this episode Lisa interviews two Kiwi running gurus Matt Rayment and Eugene Bingham of "Dirt Church Radio" podcast fame.

Matt and Eugene are passionate running advocates and share in this episode their insights from interviewing top athletes and running pros. They share their love of running and what it has meant for them and explore their life philosophies and beliefs. 

Matt Rayment lives in Riverhead with his wife and three children. He is happiest out on the trails in his beloved Riverhead Forest with Rigby the Kelpie, however, is passionate about running in all its forms. A latecomer to running, Matt is Intensely curious about the human experience, and works as a Registered Nurse is working in a Consult/Liaison Mental Health team in an Emergency Department. Secondary to this, Matt has worked as the editor of Kiwi Trail Magazine, Good People Run, and as a freelance writer. Matt contends that running and Fugazi saved his life, and he can frequently be found dancing to all the wrong songs.

Eugene Bingham is a husband, father and self-confessed running geek. In terms of the discipline of running, Eugene is the more classically trained of the pair. Eugene loves trails and has the patina of 30 plus years of running on the road deeply etched into him. A journalist for the Stuff Circuit investigative team at stuff.co.nz, he always makes sure there are running shoes and earphones in his bag when he travels. Eugene also loves thinking about what will become of the world, watching sport with his family, and running with his boys (when they let him)

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