Interview with Ryan Lange | Why Youth is No Barrier to Achieving Huge Goals

Ryan Lang is only just turned 22 years old and already his ultra marathon bio reads like that of a very accomplished ultra running 40 plus year old. 

With the Moab 240mile race and the Tahoe 200 miler and soon to add the Big Foot 200 miler to the list along with a bunch of 100 milers and 50 milers this young man knows a lot about what it takes to take on big scary goals and to have the self belief and mental strength to see these challenges through. 
But it wasn't always that way. You see only 4 years ago Ryan was 235 pound overweight unfit teenager who just got sick of being teased about his weight and decided to do something about it so he started running. First one mile at a time then 2 or 3 and within months he was absolutely hooked. Loving the accolades from people telling him how good he looked he powered on into first marathon then ultra marathon and then bigger and bigger.
But he hasn't stopped there besides studying he has also launched a successful hydration pack business www.livegenz.com and uses the lessons learnt from the huge obstacles he has already faced in his races to fuel his persistence when it comes to business.
This guy is a young gun but is neither arrogant nor over confident but a someone with a big heart for others and an amazing future ahead and a lot to teach despite his young age.
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