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Hyperbaric oxygen treatment (HBOT) is the use of high pressure and near pure oxygen to help treat a variety of health conditions and diseases.. 

Each cell in the body needs oxygen to preserve, repair and enhance cellular function. Breathing high flow oxygen at pressures greater than sea level helps flood the body with oxygen, leading to a cascade of positive benefits from inflammation reduction to an increase in stem cell release to the creation of new capillaries and vessels. This has long term benefits for many ailments and for athletic performance and anti-aging.

For a deeper dive into the science behind HBOT

Check out the podcast episodes on our show "Pushing the Limits" on Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy with

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Hyperbaric sessions are for 60 minutes and the number of sessions recommended will depend on your specific case.  Our chamber goes to 1.5 ATA.

We do a free consult first to find out your goals and challenges..

If required we may request you have a consultation with our Hyperbaric Medical Doctor, Greg Brown.

  1. Assessment and Monitoring:  Our Doctor can assess the clients medical history, current health status, and the specific condition being treated to determine the appropriate HBOT treatment plan, including the pressure, duration, and frequency of treatments.

  2. Individualised Treatment: HBOT is not a one-size-fits-all therapy, and the treatment parameters need to be tailored to the specific medical condition and the individual patient's needs. Our Doctor can assess and adjust the treatment plan based on the patient's response to the therapy, making sure it is optimised for the best possible outcome.

The benefits

HBOT increases the amount of oxygen carried in the bloodstream, enabling more oxygen to dissolve deep in to our tissues, lymphatics and the cerebrospinal fluid surround the brain and spinal cord

HBOT also stimulates the growth of new blood vessels in the body which increases circulation, allowing revitalized tissue to thrive even after the treatment protocol has been completed. HBOT also reduces inflammation and swelling, strengthens the immune system, stimulates the release of stem cells and enhances mitochondrial function and regeneration.

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment also increases the production of superoxide dismutase, one of the body's natural antioxidants and free radical scavengers, which increases the ability of the body to fight disease and infection.


Normal blood flow

The air we breathe is about 21 percent oxygen, red blood cells, which are suspended in plasma carry oxygen through blood vessels all over the body, Oxygen gradually diffuses into the surrounding tissue,

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Breathing a high concentration of oxygen under pressures causes oxygen to not only attach to red blood cells but diffuse into the plasma itself. This oxygen rich plasma is able to travel past blockages , like inflamed tissue or through the blood brain barrier, where oxygen may then diffuse in to the damaged tissue

Restricted blood flow

Surgery, illness or injury like concussion can cause a restriction of blood flow. Plasma passes through but the red blood cells are blocked. Without oxygen, the tissue on the other side of the blockage breaks down

The healing process

Tissue that contains a high concentration of oxygen is more likely to generate new blood vessels, Oxygen rich red blood cells start to flow through these new vessels, delivering even more oxygen to damaged areas.

NZ Hyperbarics uses the latest in hyperbaric technology using a hard shell 1.5 ATA chamber where clients lie comfortably during their sessions.


  • Improves brain tissue oxygenation

  • Stimulates brain tissue regeneration

  • Regrows nerve fibres

  • Forms new blood vessels and improves blood flow stimulating idle brain cells to function '

  • Speeds recovery and rehabilitation time

  • Stimulates tissue repair

  • Increases levels of neutrophils and nitric oxide

  • Reduces inflammation in the brain and body

  • Stimulates up-regulation of growth hormones

  • Reduces brain damage from swelling

  • Improves cognition, thinking and brain performance

  • Builds new collagen, skin and tissues

  • Reduces pain and swelling

  • Regrows health tissue, skin and bones,

  • Heals ulcers, wounds and injuries

  • Kills bacteria and infections making antibiotics more effective

  • Stimulates angiogenesis for axonal regeneration

  • Enhances mitochondrial function

  • Promotes stem cell reproduction by up to 800%

  • Increases cerebral blood flow

  • Decreases Cerebral edema

  • Reactivates quiescent neurons

  • Safe, comfortable, easy and pain free

  • HBOT is a non invasive treatment that can address a variety of medical conditions either as a primary or complementary therapy and is very beneficial for concussions.


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