Lisa's "Fierce" Sports Jewellery Range

Unique, Tough, Beautiful and Inspiring

The Fierce Jewellery Range by Lisa Tamati celebrates you.

You're unique, tough, beautiful and inspiring: so your jewellery should be too. 

Personally designed by ultra-marathon runner and award-winning jeweller Lisa Tamati, the hardest part will be choosing just one. Or three. 

About Fierce Sports Jewellery by Lisa Tamati

Lisa started out in the jewellery industry over 20 years ago by exporting extremely rare natural paua pearls to Europe and Japan and later learnt the art of opal cutting and polishing.

Tahitian pearls were, and still are, an absolute love affair for Lisa and Lisa placed third in the prestigious international Tahitian pearl jewellery competition.

Before returning home to New Zealand, Lisa went on to build her jewellery empire throughout Europe and Japan.

Today Lisa's mixes her two passions: running and jewellery, to design the ever-popular Fierce Sports Jewellery Range by Lisa Tamati where Lisa believes every piece should be as unique, tough, beautiful and inspiring as you. 

With a thirst to understand and learn the traditional ways of making jewellery Lisa headed to Vienna, Austria and mastered jewellery design in the world's goldsmith hotspot.

Lisa quickly began a wholesale operation where she distributed her handmade unique creations, whilst exporting her specialty and love:  rare Tahitian pearls and opals.


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