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The BLACKROLL® Gymball serves as both an exercise and rehabilitation ball.

Created for functional training. It is ideal for exercise, prioprioception, deep muscle, stabilising and strengthening. It is perfect for training abdominal muscles and upper and lower back muscles.

With BLACKROLL® Gymball, you can practice sitting, lying on your belly and back, and leaning forward with multiple muscle groups with varying intensity.

The BLACKROLL® Gymball can also be used to achieve a spine-friendly active seating position. By sitting on the BLACKROLL® Gymball, you maintain your body's balance and keep your spine in proper position by constantly engaging the pelvic floor muscles, abdomen and back.

BLACKROLL® Gymball has an ABS® (Anti-Burst-System) system that protects the ball from sudden rupture even after puncturing. In case of damage, the ball will slowly release the air, allowing you to safely descend without exposing the user to falling.

BLACKROLL® Gymball is odourless and does not contain latex. It is flexible and very resilient. Load up to 500kg. Does not run sideways during use.

- Size: Ø65cm

- Durability: load up to 500kg

- Black Colour

- Can be cleaned and sterilized

BLACKROLL® the Healthy Company

We are a global leader in the manufacture of muscle and fascia automation equipment, promoting a holistic and pro-health approach to fitness. Based on our network of world-renowned scientists, physicians, therapists and athletes, we present innovative solutions that increase comfort, effectiveness and training effectiveness. We listen to our customers by creating the highest quality equipment while being environmentally friendly. All our products are manufactured in Germany from the beginning to the end with all the standards and care for the smallest detail.
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