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My favourite Podcasts.

I am a podcast addict. I love this way to keep up with the latest research or to learn from inspiring and interesting people and experts in all manner of fields, so I wanted to share some of my favourite shows and to let you know what you can expect to learn on there.
You can literally listen to podcasts on every conceivable topic and the calibre of many of the top shows is exceptional and this isn’t just great entertainment, this is fabulous way to find out the latest research, listen to the world’s top experts or to find out the greatest tools for the challenges you are facing.

Here are a few of my favourite shows:

1. The Smart Passive Income podcast from Pat Flynn: www.smartpassiveincome.com 
In this awesome podcast Pat Flynn, who must be one of the most likeable hosts out there teaches you proven strategies for running an online business and optimizing it for passive income—the guests he has on this show are top rate, super successful business people who all teach on their specialised topic all to do with helping you build your online business opportunities from ecommerce to podcasting to digital marketing to personal development topics. Five stars for this one. HIs website also provides great resources and courses. 

2. The Rich Roll Podcast - www.richroll.com - Rich is a Californian, vegan, ultra endurance ex lawyer who is a brilliant host and has one of the top podcasts in the world.  He is an author and proponent of a plant based lifestyle. HIs guest are nothing short of the most incredible people on earth and his conversations are very deep and eye opening.  HIs is a positive impact on the world podcast. Each week Rich delves deep into all things wellness with some of the brightest and most forward thinking, paradigm busting minds in health, fitness, nutrition, art, entertainment, entrepreneurship & spirituality. 
All in the pursuit of helping listeners reach their full potential, happiness and contentment. 

3. Smart Drug Smarts podcast, by Jesse Lawyer -  www.smartdrugsmart.com 
This is the quirkiest and most intellectual podcast I have come across. All about Neuroscience, the latest breakthroughs, how the brain works and much more. 
This is a podcast for people interested in brain health and optimisation, and actionable applications of the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience. 
I love learning about the latest studies and products out there. For anyone wanting to upgrade their brains this is the place to come. 

4. The Unbeatable Mind - by Mark Devine - www.unbeatablemind.com 
This is a podcast run by Retired Seal commander Mark Devine  who must be one of the physically toughest and intellectually brilliant people I know. I follow Marks blogs and videos and have done his “Way of the Seal” course on mental toughness and this guys knows how to get the best out of his mind and body and has some of the most accomplished guests in the world on  his show. This podcast is rated the number one in health podcasts and is in the top 30 on iTunes. Well worth a listen.

5. Bullet Proof Radio by Dave Asprey - www.bulletproof.com 
The bio hackers paradise. Bullet proof radio is all about hacking your biology to be the best you can be to developing super human abilities. Well that is slightly exaggerated but you get what I mean. 
For nearly two decades Dave Asprey has searched the earth for the answers on how to get more out of yourself he has been challenging the status quo of nutrition and medicine to feel better and have more energy in his 40s than he did when he was in my teens or  20s. His guests are “out there”. The weird, wonderful and genius of the bio hacking community. You will learn so much about your physiology, your mind and all the gadgets out there to improve your lot in life, to upgrade your life and get better at everything

New Zealand podcasts

Of course I have to mention here I have my own podcast called “Pushing the Limits” - www.lisatamati.co.nz/podcast 
This show is is an in-depth interview series with limit pushers across all genres. People who have achieved the extraordinary in life, who think outside the square and who have insights to share and gems of wisdom to improve the life of listeners. It’s also a positive impact show, spreading good positive information out into the world. For me it’s a great way to get the people I admire most on my show so I can pick their brains and learn from the best. From Business people, to elite athletes, to scientists, Managers, social change innovators and more. 
It’s still a work in progress but I have been lucky enough to have some incredible guests from world record holders Pat Farmer and Ultra marathon man Dean Karnazes to Sir John Kirwan  to Phillip Balmer COO of Middlemore hospital to Sports scientists, nutritionists, authors and more. 

2. Talking better business with Craig Oliver - https://www.talkingbetterbusiness.com
In this show Taranaki based business consultant Craig Oliver talks to managers and owners of small to medium sized businesses  with the aim of providing a platform for sharing of ideas, thoughts, and knowledge between business owners. Lighting the often lonely path of the entrepreneur. Getting insights from those who have been there done that.

3. The Plant Power podcast by Dylan Steeples - www.plantpower.co.nz
This podcast by Dylan Steeples a vegan, endurance athlete has as it’s goal to develop a community of like minded individuals focused on living a more sustainable, compassionate, healthy and epic lifestyle! 
Dylan explores topics around health, exercise, wellness, mindfulness, sustainability, spirituality, nutritional science, meditation and lots more.
Looking to inspire and motivate listener to be the best version of themselves and to get Plant Powered! Dylan is New Zealand’s answer to Rich Roll.

So make sure you don’t waste your valuable time watching or listening to rubbish and get into the world of podcasts and when you do listen to shows you love please do them all a favour and write a review and give them 5 stars on itunes. It helps podcasters get exposure and get their rankings up and more listeners.



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