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HEALTH OPTIMISATION, Longevity, Hyperbaric Oxygen and more 

Lisa is a Motivational Speaker, Genetics Practitioner, Health Optimisation CoachLongevity and anti-aging specialist. She also runs a Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy/Red Light Therapy clinic 

As a qualified Ph360 Epigenetics & DNA company testing coach, Lisa can help you understand your genes & how to optimise your diet, lifestyle, training, sleep, personality traits, talents & predispositions to those genes. Learn more...


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Interviews with  20 of the world's leading doctors, researchers, scientists and biohackers on the latest in cancer research.


Health optimisation, longevity and anti-aging Queen, Lisa is an extreme ultra endurance athlete with 25 years experience competing in the world's toughest endurance events and leading and participating in expeditions. She is also a documentary maker, has hosted her own TV show, is a human potential expert & is a mental toughness, resilience, health optimisation coach.

She is the author of three best selling books "Running Hot" "Running to Extremes" and her latest book is "Relentless - How a mother and daughter defied the odds". A book telling the one in a million comeback story of bringing her mother Isobel back from the brink of death after a major aneurysm left her with massive brain damage at the age of 74 to full health within 3 years and against all odds & medical prognoses.

Lisa is the owner & founder of Lisa Tamati Enterprises, focusing on Motivational SpeakingHealth Optimisation Coaching, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Longevity & Anti-Aging Supplementation, Author of three best selling books "Running Hot", "Running To Extremes", "Relentless" & host of the globally top 200 ranked show in health, fitness & medicine "Pushing the Limits" podcast.

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