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For the past 25 years I have competed in the world's toughest endurance events clocking up over 70,000km, racing everywhere from the Sahara, to the Gobi, to Death Valley to the Himalayas, Australia and Europe. I have pushed my mind and body to the limits, have succeeded and failed and learnt many lessons along the way 

I have also had to overcome many obstacles in my personal life from losing two babies to bringing back my mum after an aneurysm left her with major brain damage, to getting through divorce, financial ruin to rebuilding my life.

I know what it takes to overcome obstacles, to chase massive goals and face your fears and now I live to teach, coach and inspire people to reach their true potential through my programs and courses. We would love you to be our next success story. Checkout all our programs, our podcast, our "Fierce" Sports Jewellery collection and professional speaking & workshop options.  

What people are saying: Peter Tainui - Producer

Lisa is an absolute force of nature. Her incredible ultrarunning achievements were the most visible demonstrations of her mental fortitude and willingness to live the heck out of life. 

I've known Lisa for well over a decade and have worked with her across various media projects including a TV series, documentary and more recently a podcast. 

She brings the same approach and planning from her running to all her projects and it's all powered by her iron will, resolve and willingness to step outside her comfort zone. 

Lisa is a brilliant communicator and storyteller. If you are looking for a keynote speaker, TV, radio or podcast guest or simply need some advice around health and fitness, reach out to Lisa, she is world-class and applies cutting edge research and information to her thinking. 

Her incredible story helping to heal her Mum after a brain aneurysm is testament to her approach to life. That story alone should be compulsory listening for everyone.



Lisa's Speaking - Mental toughness Coach & Human Potential Expert

Our entire lives are controlled by our thought processes. What we think we create and these thoughts become our actions and dictate then our destiny. 

If this is true then why were we never taught in school to be thought warriors, why were we never taught how to control our psychological states. 
We weren't, we were taught all manner of things but not the most important of all, how to master our emotions, how to control our fears, how to overcome our limiting beliefs. 
Lisa has learnt to push her mind and body to the absolute limit and she has had to overcome many tragedies in her personal life.  Through her experiences and the learnings from these she has had the chance to work with and help train the minds of thousands of athletes, executives and business people to help them reach their full potential in life, in their careers and in sport. To unleash their greatness. 

Success in life is the power to "decide" what you will become, to live life on your terms and that takes mental toughness and emotional resilience so if you are interested  in high level mind training and learning the tools and skills it takes then check out Lisa's speaking services. Enquire now about having Lisa at your next event. Lisa's Speaking information

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