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Health Optimisation Coaching

Work one on one with Lisa

Lisa is a Genetics Practitioner, Health Optimisation, High Performance and Mindset Coach.

We pride ourselves on providing quality, personal Health Optimisation Coaching to our clients.

As a qualified Ph360 epigenetics & DNA company testing coach, Lisa can help you understand your genes and how to optimise your diet, lifestyle, training, sleep, personality traits, talents and predispositions to those genes. It's like finally having the user manual for your own specific genetics.

Having completed years of research into brain rehabilitation, neurodegenerative diseases, hormonal health, thyroid issues, cancer, gut health, peptides, weight loss and biohacking. Lisa is the host of one of the world's top 200 Health and Fitness Podcast "Pushing the Limits" that has been going for over 7 years.

Lisa has extensive knowledge and an international network of world leading doctors, scientists and researchers who can help you on your health journey.

Lisa is well versed in such therapies as hyperbaric oxygen, infrared light therapy, intravenous vitamin C, photobiomodulation and more.

Alongside Health Optimisation Coaching, Lisa is also a Mental Toughness Coach and can help with stress management, developing emotional resilience, goal setting, overcoming fears, building healthy rituals and leadership development

Lisa can help you navigate the confusing world of health and medicine and can advocate for you.

If mainstream medicine hasn't got the answers for you, then book a consult with Lisa to see if you might be a good fit for one of her programs.


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