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Lisa Tamati, Motivational

Lisa Tamati, Extreme Ultra Endurance Athlete, Author, Mental Toughness Coach & Human Potential Expert, Longevity and Health optimisation specialist. 

As a storyteller, entertainer and motivator, Lisa is second to none.

About Lisa Tamati

Lisa infectious and warm nature is open, and has a very real ‘no holds barred’ honesty, that moves her audience to laughter, and often to tears, but consistently brings about a shift within her listeners to inspire them to move and challenge themselves, to grow and take on new perceptions of their capabilities, and discover just what they should expect from, and give to life.

Lisa has over 17 years’ experience as a speaker and presenter, so understands the dynamic of a successful event. She has worked as a presenter, keynote speaker, facilitator, and MC nationally, and internationally.

She is a professional who can tailor an address to the needs of the client, is extremely resourceful, and can adapt to any situation on the fly. She can work with you to plan the event from start to finish, and can help to keep an event running smoothly. She has worked for many of New Zealand’s and the world’s top brands.

Lisa uses real world examples from her career as an ultra-endurance athlete, serial entrepreneur, coach and longevity specialist and health activist. A career that has been punctuated by both extreme highs and extreme lows, and overlays this into relatable challenges and narratives to inspire and motivate her audience.

What to expect

Lisa's ultimate goal is to deliver real world frameworks, tools and techniques, that will leave your team empowered, energised and ready to take on the world. 

As an audience, you will leave understanding that your greatest potential lies within you. Lisa’s most common speaking topics:

  • Managing Stress and Building Resilience

  • Peak Performance for Teams and Individuals

  • Fundamental Health Strategies & Tools

“Lisa is an amazing, engaging speaker. Her stories were very personal, and quite incredible in terms of her endurance, inner strength and relentless drive, and she relayed them powerfully and effectively. The audience were totally engaged. We knew Lisa would be great but she exceeded our expectations as a speaker.”

Stephen Mullins, Lexvoco Legal Operations


Mastering Leadership

Change Management 

Entrepreneurship and
Entrepreneurs Goal Setting 

Personal Development 

Lifestyle & Wellbeing

Media Personalities and Celebrity
Work-Life Balance

Health and Fitness Coach


Challenge and Adventure 

Inspiring Stories 



Politics & Advocacy

Positive Ageing Advocate 

Women’s Empowerment 


Ambassador and Fundraiser for:
Curekids, CanTeen, Asthma NZ,
Samuel Gibson Memorial Trust

Brands Lisa has worked with

Corporate Coaching

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