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How Contagious is the Corona Virus and all the facts you need to know

With Immunologist and Functional Genomics Scientist Dr Mansoor Mohammed

Lisa interviews this week Dr Mansoor Mohammed immunologist on what exactly makes the Covid-19 virus so dangerous, how it's transmitted, how it enters the body and what it does once it's there.
He talks about who exactly fits in the high risk group and how long the virus can live outside of its human host on various surfaces.

They also discuss how containing it and taking drastic action will not stop the spread but slow the spread and therefore the load on the public health system so as not to collapse the system and to give those suffering severely the best chance at surviving.

He talks about the history of this strain and our past experiences with it and the long term implications.

He also brings to our attention the need to especially protect `our elderly population and the immune compromised.
This is a time to consider other people and to avoid hysteria and panic but to take the risk seriously so as to avoid the worst possible scenario.

Dr Mansoor also discusses the need to boost the immune system to lower stress levels and the need to continue exercising and staying fit and avoiding poor food choices.

These are unprecedented times but with good strategies in place and coherence from the majority of people we can and will be stronger as a community,.
Dr Mansoor is the founder and president of The DNA company who specialise in functional genomics and DNA testing. You can find out more about Dr Mansoor at


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