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Running Through Hell - Ultrarunning and Mental Strength

Lisa on the H.V.M.N Podcast with Geoffrey Woo

On the American H.V.M.N Podcast with Geoffrey Woo.

Lisa Tamati is a professional ultra endurance athlete who has crushed some of the toughest endurance events in the world, such as the grueling Badwater Ultramarathon held in Death Valley. Lisa became the first woman from New Zealand to complete this infamous race.

Lisa’s adventures have taken her far and wide, including a harrowing expedition through the Libyan Desert that nearly killed her. Despite having over 140 ultramarathons under her belt and achieving various accomplishments, Lisa has also struggled with her mental health - battling with her self esteem, body image, depression, fear, and anxiety. Ultrarunning forced Lisa to learn how to sharpen her mental health and push her physical limits even through traumatic events.

In this interview, Lisa goes into great detail about how both her athletic & general life experiences (both positive & negative) made her become the woman she is today. When her mother had an aneurism and fell critically ill, she was unresponsive to the doctors’ standard of healthcare. Lisa then took matters into her own hands and saved her mother’s life through a self-researched protocol that incorporated hyperbaric oxygen therapy, targeted nutrition, nootropics, and more. After 4 years, Lisa’s mother is now healthy - regaining her cognition, peripheral vision, and driver’s license.

Lisa has ran through hell & back, and dedicates much of her time now motivating and training others become the best they can be.

You can follow Lisa and her journey on her own podcast 'Pushing the Limits" here: https://www.lisatamati.com/page/podcast
Lisa's most recent book, "Relentless" is out now here: https://relentlessbook.lisatamati.com/

For Health Via Modern Nutrition and more from Geoffrey Woo go to:
Learn more about H.V.M.N. here: https://www.hvmn.com/pod


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