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Biohacking tips - part two

Last month I listed a few of my favourite bio hacks in part one of this series and here we continue the conversation
Below is a list of a few more biohacking tips and tricks for you to explore. I can only give brief descriptions here but list the resources I have found for you to further explore. Remember some of these items are still experimental and do not have full clinical proof and this article is meant only to initiate your interest and give you resources for searching further. 

Bio hacking tips

1. Nootropic brain enhancing supplements and prescription and over the counter drugs.
I wrote briefly last time on nootropics which is the blanket term for substances that enhance your cognitive function.
These substances are exciting for those wanting to optimise their brain function or after damage from stroke, aneurysm, concussion, TBI, neurodegenerative diseases, etc so here are a couple more for you to explore, remember many of these are still in the experimental stages so make sure you do your own research

. L-Theanine  - A well researched and safe substance L-Theanine was discovered as a constituent of green tea in 1949  but is also in black tea and is widely used around the world.
It may help relieve stress by inducing a relaxing effect without drowsiness and may also possess immunologic attributes. Theanine may also have effects on the cardiovascular system and play a preventative role in cancer (further studies needed). When combined with caffeine it can increase reaction time, memory and mental endurance.

.The Racetam family of drugs - 
Piracetam is the most commonly known and most studied of the racetam family but others are more potent.
Aniracetam – Aniracetam increases cognition and memory. It also has anti-anxiety properties and enhances mood. 
Oxiracetam – is often characterised as a logic booster. It’s excellent for math and other tasks that require advanced logic and has a slight stimulatory effect.
Pramiracetam –  is the most effective racetam.  It  increases memory and focus.  

. Oxaloacetate  supplements -Physicist Alan Cash is a strong proponent of Oxaloacetate and states.
"Clinical trials have begun to study this substance as a treatment for different conditions such as mitochondrial dysfunction, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease."
It may also work well to reduce inflammation and increase neurogenesis in the brain and may become an important supplement for athletes who encounter severe head injuries during their sport.
Others recommend it to prevent Brain damage caused by exposure to pesticides, for traumatic brain injury sufferers and stroke victims.
More information at www.bulletproof.com and www.selfhacked.com

Performance neurology
This exciting area of science is the study and practice of improving brain function to achieve higher levels of performance. The brain is often overlooked when it comes to  achieving high performance or regaining function after injury. 
An expert in this area Grant Hayes says your nervous system uses three systems to orient yourself in your environment, the visual, the vestibular and the proprioceptive. 
Physical training only concentrates on proprioceptive and ignores largely the visual, which is responsible for 80% of the sensory input and the vestibular. 
Speed, strength, decision-making, sport specific skills, agility, vision, fluidity of movement, everything can find a new peak when the messages from the brain are clear, accurate and fast and Hayes has produced a great app for athletes called #BEFIRST which takes athletes through a range of exercises to help their performance. 
I have been researching this area of science after getting advice from Hayes and  after using what seem  like very simple eye and balance exercises in the rehabilitation of my mother who suffered an aneurysm 18 months ago and whose vestibular, cerebellum and balance systems were all but destroyed. Since doing the exercises daily, her balance and the abiltiy to walk have improved dramatically.

Bio-hacking your vision 
We all know vision deteriorates as we age but it doesn’t have to.  Apart from the physical eye exercises detailed in performance neurolgy there are other supplements that can help too.

Lutein, zeaxanthin, astaxanthin all help sharpen contrast by reducing glare and blurring by absorbing damaging blue light it also helps against oxidative damage. 

Beta Carotene - we all know the old adage that carrots are good for your eyesight.  Any vegetable containing Beta Carotene is. It enhances night vision.
The human body converts beta-carotene into vitamin A (retinol) -  We need vitamin A for healthy skin and mucus membranes, our immune system, and good eye health and vision.

I have just scratched the surface on bio hacking and encourage you to look into all the resources out there. Don't just accept health problems that seem to have you and your doctor stumped as being unavoidable, the answer maybe in cyberspace. If you would like explore biohacking tips check out the latest two episodes on my podcast "Pushing the limits'. Episode 27 is  an interview with Gary Moller, functional nutritional consultant and hair and tissue mineral analysis expert. Gary is like a health crime investigator. He looks for the tiniest of clues that may help solve the mysteries of chronic ill health, or poor performance. This then leads to the development of lasting solutions, or better management through functional nutrition. Functional nutrition is nutrition based care that is focused on building health and performance by restoring the body to optimum physiological functioning. Addressing the root causes of poor health and not just chasing symptoms.

Gary Moller podcast

The second interview on my podcast, episode 28 is with Dr Lindsey Berkson - Hormone scholar, nutritionist, integrative gastrointestinal endocrine specialist, teacher of Doctors and author of 21 books, Dr. Lindsey Berkson discusses with me everything hormones and health, breakthrough research and cutting edge information as well as discussing her new book, “Sexy Brain”. She explains how love is under attack, and the reasons why we’re all fighting a battle with our toxic environment.
In this interview which we cover so much territory around hormones, brain health, nutrition, exercises, herbs and much more. Over 90 minutes of in-depth information from a world leading scholar. If you value your health you must listen in.

Dr Lindsey Berkson interview link