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Why runners are better at pretty much everything

Ok so I am a little bit biased but in my opinion runners have so many attributes that help in everyday life. Here are just a few and maybe when you read them you will think yeah thats true, thats me, that's why it's worth getting out, lacing up the shoes and keeping going. Its not only about your fitness there are so many things you learn from running:

1. Runners tend to be optimistic types for a few reasons: it reduces anxiety, running releases endorphins, those little feel good hormones that make you feel on top of the world after a run, we tend to celebrate small successes and appreciate progress. Running also reduces pent up aggression, gives you time to order your thoughts and get more in control so when you are back at work or at home you have things more sorted in your mind.

2. Runner are challengers.  Runners are used to putting themselves out there, taking some risk and love a new challenge. Whether it's to run faster, further or higher or to discover new trails etc. Runners are used to putting in the hard yards to achieve.

3. Runners tend to be more supportive of others. As runners we know how much time, dedication, blood, sweat and tears goes into our training and we recognise these efforts in others and encourage them. Experienced runners are always willing to help newbies to the sport, most of the time with a true wish to help rather than an arrogant attitude.

4. Runners don't get their knickers in a twist over small stuff. We know things don't always go to plan and stick with things and just smile and get on with it. Despite circumstances like bad weather, aches and pains, limited time etc we get on with the job and  usually don't get caught up in trivial things that don't matter as we are too busy dealing with real problems.

5. Runners know how to manage time. The most successful people are often runners, no matter how busy they are, they always prioritize their training time as they know the consequences of not fitting it in. Runners tend to operate at a high level of achievement having to fit things around busy schedules. They don't waste time they plan it. A good skill to have in todays busy world.

6. Runners are competitive with themselves and against others and tend to want to always be the best they can be and to achieve new goals and to beat others and that is a skill that is necessary in our workplaces or business when you want to get ahead.

7. Runners tend to look after themselves well. Runners put in so much effort into their training that they tend not to want to go and wreck it all by overindulging in alcohol or poor quality foods, or at least not too often. They are health conscious in general and look after their bodies and mind.

8. Running is an individual sport but runners still understand teamwork and community. Especially in clubs or when doing long tough events. Runners help and rely on and support each other.

9. Runners are independent by nature. They are accustomed to managing themselves, being self motivated and focussed. They know how to get the job done and to carry on when things get tough.

10. Runners don't give up easily. Having endured the harshness of training and its ups and downs they tend to know how to fight on through problems and obstacles and not to just sit down and give up at the first sign of trouble. They persevere and keep going through pain and struggles. They develop their mental strength and fortitude through enduring rigourous training schedules and know how to perform at the highest level when required to. They can tackle difficult tasks. 

11. Runners are resilient. They get back up on their feet when they fall. They push through barriers. Dust themselves off after stumbling and put the next foot in front of the other. 

So why wouldn't you want to become a runner, marry a runner, hire a runner or hang out with a runner.