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Encouragement for beginners starting out on a fitness programme

Our bodies need to move constantly and in challenging ways, throughout our lives.

There are many reasons we lose our way when it comes to fitness, life got in the way, family came first, I had no time, life has been to stressful and the list goes on and many of these things are valid but the reality is and this is a the fact we need to integrate into our psyche, is that working your body and not just using it to carry your brain around in, is essential for health, longevity, wellbeing and psychological balance.

Our bodies are made to move, I have always known this and too often I have been criticised for moving too much, wearing my body out, you are going to wreck your joints, your back is injured, you must never run and on and on well after more than 70,000km in the legs and a life of sport nothing is worn out yet.

Fact is we all need to use and move our body’s in different and challenging ways every day if we don’t want to lose the ability to function well this is especially true as we get older.

Even severely disabled people, need a training programme. Currently, I am caring for my mum who is severely disabled after a brain injury, all the more time I therefore, have to spend in rehabilitating her, through physio, moving what she can, rehabilitating muscle weaknesses, stretching her shortening tendons and muscles which are worsening from lack of movement, everyday is full with training so we can recover what we can in life quality.

So no matter your age, or your disability or your injury or your weight we all need to do what we can to make our bodies stronger if we want to live a full life. Find ways around your limitations don't just give into them. 

So I want you if you are a couch potato to start by getting your mind in the right place. Even a little tiny bit more exercise is better than none so everything you do should be viewed as a success and better than not doing anything. We build on success so if you change your perception to being more "Well I did a short workout today so that is better than none", rather than the attitude "I worked out but it wasn't enough and I will never do enough so whats the point?

These types of negative conversations can stop you from even starting, they are ways of making excuses for yourself, talk only in positive terms to yourself never put yourself down it won't help your motivation or your abilities. 

You are already beating the guy on the couch. So even if you don’t reach the dizzying heights with your plan, moving forward, no matter how slow or fast is progress. Moving forward at all is a success compared to not not going anywhere.

I want you to forget past failures, limiting beliefs, comments from others that have hurt you and stopped you trying. From this moment forward surround yourself only with people who will encourage you, no matter how long the road ahead looks. Every journey begins with a single step but its persistent little steps after that that will really lead to change. 

So lets get started!