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role modelling for kids


Our kids may not do everything we tell them to but when it comes to showing them how its done and what is important they do take note of our actions and follow what we do.

Actions speak so much louder than words ever will.

I have the privilege of having an awesome business partner Neil Wagstaff who has been my long time coach as well. 

He saved my career when I was broken and burnt out and helped me to my career best performances and we have had an incredible journey together building our coaching company "Running Hot Coaching"  and "Pushing the Limits" our Body Transformation program.

I admire and respect my mate Neil for so many reasons but none more so than for how he shows up as a father and husband to his lovely wife Sam. They have three gorgeous and boisterous kids. Ellen who is 8 and Cam (my Godson) who is  6 and Annie 3. 

These kids have grown up at the gym and at running and triathlon events, it's literally in their blood. Even when still in nappies they were swinging little kettle bells and doing their body weight exercises and tearing around the neighbourhood like no bodys' business. 

A few weeks back Cam asked his dad if he could run a 12km mountain run event his Dad was doing and of course Neil said yes. 

He is six years old. Cam absolutely smashed this tough trail event under the guidance and watchful eye of his Dad and it made his big sister jealous so she says to Dad well I want to do the 15km mountain event with you this time. (sibling rivalry at it's best) 

So on the 11th of March Ellen, at 8 years old smashed out a 15km mountain trail event as part of a team doing the triple peaks. Dad, had his hands full slowing her down at the start and helping her get her pace right but then they were off and Ellen annihilated the course. Had a great time, a wee snooze afterwards then off to her friends for a playdate. 15km in the mountains is no mean feat for an adult let alone an 8 year old, it's amazing what they can do.

These kids grow up pushing their limits, loving life and enjoying it. There is no pressure only Mum and Dad and friends showing them what is possible. These kids will grow up to be strong, healthy and fit. 

Here is Neils report on their day

"A few weeks back my eldest Ellen asked if she could join me on the first leg of the Triple Peaks. Obviously I said yes! Funny how our little ones watch what we do and then want to try it themselves. Saturday was an amazing day all round and extra cool because I got to share it with Ellen and watch her go through the excitement, struggle and challenges that we all love!
Thanks to Campbell and Phil for welcoming Ellen into the team and making it an experience she will never forget.
Coach Carlos having you at the finish made her day mate.
Medal and trophy at the end were an added bonus!
Got me thinking about how important role models and mentors are to all of us and wanted everyone in this group to remember that you are all great role models. Doesn’t matter if you are running around the block or a hundred miles, changing your eating habits or losing weight, you are all having a positive impact on those around you."

So let's all be strong role models not only to our precious kids but also to each other. We all need inspiring people in our lives and those who show us it can be done. 

We need to avoid the naysayers and negative nancies and embrace challenge and goals and live a life in nature and in movement. 

I am so proud of my Godson and Niece Cam and Ellen. You kiddies rock and your Mum and Dad do too.