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Ever wondered what flower essences do and how they help?

power of flower essences

Flower essences are safe gentle remedies which effectively manage emotional ups and downs.  I will make a blend of around 6 essences which suit you and you alone.  Flower essences are usually taken in orally.

Flower essences are designed to help you help you understand and transform negative thoughts and feelings as opposed to suppress them. So to sum up I will make you your very own personalised rescue remedy (yes rescue remedy is a flower essence blend).
Picture This - You and your friend are sitting having a meal together one evening and somehow you have ended up deciding to do a half marathon.  Probably after a few wines.  Declaring your life needs something to jazz it up.  And ‘bobs your uncle’ you’ve entered your credit card details in to the laptop. You’re both clinking glasses giggling wildly about what you’re outfit will be and where to have the post race celebratory lunch! You go for the odd run, walk your dog and you know you should go to the gym more often.However this general activity doesn’t really prepare you for the specifics of a half marathon does it?!!
Here’s how Flower Essences can fill the gap and help you get to the Start Line!!So it’s done, you’ve booked your spot.  Now you are swinging from ‘this is going to be great’ to ‘what the hell have I done’. Use Scleranthus flower essences which will help you to find that inner strength and get rid of some of that indecision you are struggling with.
You have been training for a little while and getting into the swing of it.  You’re mixing up the training and increasing your distance. Some days it is damn near impossible to get yourself out of bed to train, it’s either your body saying ‘I can’t do it’ or your head saying ‘please not today’. Or both! In this instance use drops of Mountain Pride as it will help you become strong and face the challenges presented to you each day.
Oh dear now you have bent you knee a funny way and you can’t train for a couple of weeks.  Now you are behind and feeling quite sorry for yourself, how do you come back from this? Try either one of these two essences here as there is the physical and emotional self both need support. Self Heal this will help you to take full responsibility for your healing journey. Or Gorse to keep you feeling positive and optimistic that things will work out in a positive way.
You are now precious days away from the half marathon and sleep is a real issue. You’ve recovered ok but you’re lying awake wondering if the knee is really up to it, wondering whether you’ve done enough training, and all the other ‘what ifs’. To overcome these obsessive repetitive thoughts and get the precious sleep you need use White Chestnut.
The day is here, you are so nervous. You really can’t back out now. Your stomach is in knots you don’t seem to be able to think straight at all. You’re walking round in circles but achieving nothing – you have never been this nervous before.  Here use the Five Flower Formula which would help you to stay calm and focused on what is important – having a good time. Who knows your support people might need some too!
As you can see Flower Essences can be useful for many situations and will support you in many ways, I will make a blend suited to just you.  You can find out more about some sleep essences with this cheat sheet https://essences.lpages.co/wel... 
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