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A message for struggling and frustrated runners

frustrated running

Do you sometimes feel like you are getting nowhere? Not seeing improvement. Are embarrassed about your speed or lack thereof. Do you sometimes feel with your running you train as hard or harder than everyone else but don't see the expected results.Since I was a young girl I struggled with asthma and as a result of that among other genetic factors, a small motor (lungs and cardio system), I could train harder than anyone, longer than anyone with more dedication and even with all the knowledge I have now, the mini minor motor is still the same.Add to that an intense struggle with not enough iron, red blood cells and therefore oxygen carrying capacity and it can be downright demoralising.I get frustrated sometimes that my motor isn't that of a ferrari (Paula Radcliffe).

Just yesterday, I struggled with my blood pressure and lack of blood which is especially taxing in the heat and was passed on the trails by every man, grandma and her dog.But you know what. I have things in my life, in my training, my mindset, my nutrition, my hydration, my sleep, my stress levels that I can control and then there are elements I just can't control.What I have learnt to do and I have to learn to do again and again, is to learn to accept the things I inherited, the things I cannot change and just be the one who works harder, longer, more relentlessly than anyone else.

I have to learn to focus on the things I can do and not what I can't.I have found in this world of massive and intense competition a space where despite it all, I can just be me, love myself for what I can do and have achieved despite of the odds. I can pat myself on the back for the good I do, the discipline and passion I bring to it despite my lack of speed.I know who and what I am and I have learnt not to compare.To compare is to despair for there is always someone or hundreds of someone's better than you, who have more or are better and there are millions who have less or aren't as good.It's good to want to win and we should encourage that but at the end of the day, without it being a cop out, you are who you are and you are enough and you are valuable and if you have given it your all you are awesome. 

You have won.Girls especially  out there but also you guys struggling with your fitness, your mindset, your self esteem, your confidence, your body shape, take heart you are not alone and you have got this.Keep going, keep fighting, keep aiming high and keep celebrating your absolute uniqueness.I would love you all to share your stories and struggles with me if you feel so inclined. To share publicly or privately your journeys. To encourage each other to more, bigger, better and yes maybe even a little faster.