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Should I work out or work in today?

wellness check

Last week Lisa and I introduced our new wellness check form on Facebook. 

Taking a truly holistic approach to your training and life will help you achieve you health and fitness and running goals.
Before you start your training check in with yourself and rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 against the  seven RHC Pillars of Health and Fitness (below)
1 = Feeling poor and off your game
10 = Feeling great and ready to play
If your numbers are on the low side don’t be scared to adapt your session to suit where you are at. Reducing training intensity and volume may be just what your body needs.
If your numbers are on the high side get out there and follow your plan (just keep some energy in the tank for tomorrow).

1. SleepDid you get enough?
2.NutritionHave you eaten well?
3. HydrationHave you drunk enough water?
4. MovementHow much have you done?
5. EnergyHow much have you got?
6. BodyHow does it feel? Aches, pains, niggles?
7. StressHow high or low is it?
8. TotalKeep a track of your totals.

Once you have done this you can make a more educate call on working out or working in.
In an ideal world your weekly training will include both working in and working out exercises.
Remember that working out costs your body energy. If your check in scores are low use some working in exercises to give your body an energy boost.
 Working in exercises could include meditation, yoga or pilates slow walking or mobilisation exercises.
 The key things that qualify an exercise as working in are:
The exercise and movement should be of a low eneough intensity that you could perform it straight after a meal on a full stomach.
You should be in control of your breath throughout the session without your heart rate or breathing rate increasing.
Move in time with your breathing. Let the speed of your breath determine the speed you move.
You should feel relaxed during the movement or exercise.
Afterwards you should feel lighter and have an energy boost.
Try 10-20 reps of these working in exercises and see how much better your body feels. We recommend a quiet area in bare feet https://runninghotcoaching.com/videos/working-in-with-jess
If your scores are high then try 2-5 rounds of 10-20 reps (or 30-60 seconds) of this great working out session. Paul Cheks 7 primal patterns  will be a great addition to your running.
Remember the balance between working in and working out each week is the key to great performance and consistent results.
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