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Be willing to get knocked down

Getting get knocked down doesn’t say much about you; it’s how you get up that determines whether you will ultimately succeed, so see setbacks as opportunities for your personal growth. Instead of looking at the first bump in the road as an excuse to turn around and head home, use it as an opportunity to inform your game plan and adjust your strategy.

...use it as an opportunity to inform your game plan and adjust your strategy.

I can tell you that if it weren’t for the
many setbacks I experienced throughout
my personal life and career, that I
wouldn’t be where I am today. In fact, I
am thankful for those difficult and dark
moments in my life, even when I don't
necessarily want to repeat them, as they
helped me to really understand who I
am and what I am truly capable of and they helped hone a resilience that is key to winning.

Take heed of the lessons that lie hidden in your setbacks to uncover where things went wrong and go back to the drawing board - don’t just quit! Any star athlete or business leader will tell you that if it weren’t for the failures they encountered they wouldn’t be in the positions they are today.

Trust yourself, the experts aren’t

always right

I recall the absolute horror I felt when learning about my mum’s aneurysm and finding out that if she lived she would likely have massive disabilities. We were told the damage was so extensive and with her advanced age we should put her in a rest home and make her comfortable that we could never care for you her alone at home. But I resolutely and utterly refused to accept that. I had no idea how but I knew I would do anything it took just for the chance for her to come back to us.

I knew I would succeed in my endeavours or die trying...

It took tons of research, countless consultations with experts, heated arguments with naysayers and even battles with my own sense of despair and absolute exhaustion, but today, after pursuing every conceivable avenue, my mum is back.

She is able to enjoy a quality of life that no one thought would be possible doing everything they said she wouldn't. This, very personal experience has reinforced everything I believe and has taught me to fight against the odds when necessary. I knew I would succeed in my endeavours or die trying, walking into the blind unknown with just belief, hope and a fighters attitude and being prepared to do whatever it took.

I hope that you too may find that inner strength when the world seems pitted against you and your dreams and that your resolution to achieve your very best will carry you through in the end.

If you want to improve your mental toughness, develop your emotional resilience, become a better, stronger you, reach your potential and stop limiting beliefs then check out my MINDSETU - an online course designed to do just that.