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The Power of Meditation to Change The World With Producer of "The Portal" Tom Cronin

Changing the future of humanity through meditation

Tom Cronin in a previous life was a Finance Broker of 26 years experience, he lead a life like that portrayed in the "Wolf of Wall St" movie. Life was full of stress, adrenaline, risk and partying. Burning the candle at both end he began to suffer the consequences as his nervous system broke down and anxiety and depression haunted him. Doctors advised the pharmaceutical fixes for these common ails but he decided to go down the route of meditation and studying eastern philosophies and taking a journey within instead. Studying Vedic meditation in particular.

His life was transformed and he eventually became a teacher of meditation and left the high flying world of the financial broker to start "The Stillness Project" to finally teach this amazing knowledge and wisdom to others but he wasn't content to just run courses and seminars instead Tom took on the riskiest, toughest journey of his life to bring to the world a powerful movie and book which discusses these themes.

It's taken hundreds of people working on the project, tons of investors to finance the project and many times spent wondering how he was going to get through but Tom had a vision, he wanted to change the world for the better through meditation. He believes so powerfully in his message that this book and movie just had to come out and now it is just about to be launched and is set to the take the world by storm.

Here is what he says about the project

Our world is in crisis. People are stressed and confused. Humanity is at a crossroads. Yet within each of us we have the capability to bring ourself and our species back from the brink.

The Portal brings to life the stories of six people who’ve overcome adversity and crisis, inspiring the audience to follow in their footsteps and realise the unique potential that all humans have to change our world–from the inside out. 

Revealing a centuries-old road map to human transformation, this life-affirming book and documentary take us through the portal behind our minds to what we need to live and thrive today.

About the film "The Portal"

A cinematic experience to inspire us into a new era, THE PORTAL
is about how personal transformation can spark a global shift.

Supported by insights from three of the world’s foremost futurists–and a robot–THE PORTAL nails the zeitgeist of a generation, blending personal stories, ancient wisdom, technology, and human potential as it takes the viewer on their own mindfulness journey.

Opening hearts and minds to a new way forward, this life-affirming documentary invites all 7 billion people to reimagine life by entering THE PORTAL.

You can find out more about Tom Cronin at www.tomcronin.com and about the film and book, screenings and events at https://entertheportal.com