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Why you need to take responsibility for your own health and not give it up to others

Own it

My new book  "Relentless" is finally out. This is a story about bringing my mum back from massive brain damage after an aneurysm four years ago, overcoming on the way huge obstacles and beating incredible odds.

On this journey with my mum and in my own life and the health battles that I have faced personally one thing has become clear to me.
Although allopathic medicine is amazing and the advances made are incredible and although they are incredible when it comes to acute trauma, when it comes to chronic health problems and diseases and when it comes to situations like my mum found herself in (after the acute phase) there are massive problems with the system and this isn’t just my opinion but many medical professionals are saying the same thing and a number of them share their insights in the book or through their resources.

We need to rethink the paradigm the system runs under and we need to personally take control of our own lives and health as best we can and not wait for the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff. 

We have a mentality that there is a pill for almost every ill and drugs can cure whatever ails us but this approach can lead to disaster. Especially when it comes to chronic lifestyle diseases. 

For the past nearly 4 years I have focussed on complementary therapies, philosphies and systems and my outstanding results with mum and with my own and my family’s health, come from this multi pronged approach to the situations at hand.  

In my book “Relentless” I outline some of the therapies I engaged in and used to help mum on her way back to health and some I used on my own body when I was faced with some dire health problems and although these are only two anecdotal cases the resources I uncovered and that I share in the book will be invaluable to others wanting to dig deeper and do their own research and take more control of their own and their family’s health.

If you want to grab a copy of the book “Relentless” and learn about some of these approaches, get the resources I used and more then head over to: https://shop.lisatamati.com/products/relentless

Here is what Chris McDougall NY Times Best Selling Author of Born to Run and Natural Born Heroes says of the book.

“ Relentless is one of the most thrilling, heart-rending adventure stories I’ve ever read. Lisa Tamati is a ferociously talented runner who’s conquered some of the most gruelling challenges on earth, but nothing put her heart and stamina to the test like the day her mother collapsed. From that moment on, Lisa had to dig into every trick of the endurance athlete’s trade in her race to keep this courageous and loving woman alive. Read Relentless, and like me you’ll be enthralled by Lisa's tale, enchanted by her family, and inspired to Be Like Lisa.”

One of the main programs I used in my mum's rehabilitation journey of the Epigenetics Health Program. We had so much success with this that Neil and I both qualifed in Epigenetics testing.

For those of you who want to know what nutrition you should be having for your specific set of genes or what time of the day you should be eating, and what combinations of food groups or want to know what time of the day to exercise, what type of exercise will work for you or the way your mind works and your dominant hormones and how they affect your thought processes and personality then check out our Epigenetics Health Program - It's like having a user manual for your very own genes.