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Relentless Leadership - Lisa to guest on the Active CEO Podcast

Own the choices you make

On this episode of the active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Lisa Tamati about relentless leadership in life as we go all in on saving her mums life, overcoming the toughest ultra-marathon races in the world, the GRIT to overcome adversity, and going above and beyond medical advice to find a solution for her mum. We also talk about imposter syndrome, the importance of hope, optimising your DNA, and learning how to pivot and change direction in life.


Lisa Tamati – Relentless Leadership In Life

Lisa Tamati is a professional adventure athlete, best author, crazy super human being, motivational speaker and mindset coach, who goes beyond the human limits. Over the past 25 plus years, she has taken on and conquered the world’s toughest endurance events and expeditions including the Sahara and Gobi deserts, Himalayas and Niger, however none of those extreme events even come close to her greatest life challenge, where it took a relentless approach to saving her mums life. 

She is an absolute force of nature and true warrior leader, in every essence of human kind, who loves to put the body armour on and take GRIT and a Relentless approach to life to a whole nuther level.

Her education includes a Bachelor of Applied Management in sports Management from Otago Polytechnic, National Certificate in Business Studies for Carrington Polytechnic Auckland and a Certificate in Counselling & Human Relations (social work) from Western Institute of Technology.

Imagine the University of life you gain when you cover over 70,000 km of running across some of the poorest, most dangerous and challenging stretches of earth including a life-changing argument with your partner while illegally in the Lybian desert, losing your mind in Death Valley one of the hottest places on earth, running the length of New Zealand, that’s 2,200km, and pushing your mind and body beyond belief every single day.

Lisa talks about:
Growing up as a curious kiwi in Taranaki, New Zealand. Why she became an Ultra-marathon runner? 1997 Libyan Desert illegal crossing, 250km four-person expedition. Importance of learning the skill of situational compartmentalisation. Why attempt the toughest race on the earth, Marathon De Sables.

Developing Relentless Leadership In Life.

The battle of the lion and the snake in your head. Running Death Valley in 57 Degrees Celsius, Badwater Ultramarathon. Being tackled to avoid a rattlesnake, in the coolest race on the planet.
Why is it that what you believe dictates your destiny? We cannot control all the variables in the world. Relentless, the story about bringing her mum back. Why check for sleep apnea during a severe neurological event. Studying functional neurology, neutrophics and epigenomics.
We live in the time we have access to the greatest minds on the planet. When you have no hope, you take weak action, because you don’t think it will be useful anyway.
The challenges of self-publishing a book.

Pushing The Limits Podcast

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