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Harnessing the power of NAD and NMN for anti-aging and longevity

NMN - Nicotinamide Mononucleotide a NAD precursor and it's power to slow aging

If you are like me you and are over 35 (I am 52) no doubt you have thought about how to slow down the bodies aging. 

Aging isn't just wrinkles and buying moisturisers for your skin it's about what is happening on a cellular level, on the inside. 

Over time we start to slowly notice that our energy is going down, our skin is wrinkling and creypey, our immune system isn't doing it's surveillance job quite so well, our speed and agility have decreased and a ton of other horrible effects so what can we do and how is this happening.

Age’s Effects on a Cellular Level - What's actually going on.

Over time, cells undergo multiple chemical processes of aging — namely, oxidation, glycation, and methylation. During oxidation, unstable compounds known as free radicals can lead to cell damage and interact with other compounds to produce sometimes harmful chemicals and toxins. 

Through glycation, these chemicals  negatively affect mitochondria the power houses of our cells, our energy production factories so to speak, proteins, and DNA. 

Subsequently, DNA linked to other chemicals and lacking sufficient methyl groups cannot continue to produce generations of new DNA for future cells, and cell regeneration comes to a halt. We don't want that.


If your body can no longer produce new, healthy cells to continue to maintain its' tissues and functions, aging, that slow degenerative decline and eventual death occurs. 

However, anti-aging supplements work toward restoring functional proteins and DNA or utilise antioxidants to prevent the oxidation that begins the process, although just pounding antioxidants isn't the most effective strategy because we need some oxidative stress to cause changes in the body (eg exercise causes oxidative stress but causes a cascade of reactions in the body that over time mean a stronger healthier body, too much exercise on the other hand and you get real damage - I know all about that. So ok antioxidant support is important your glutathione, your vitamin C and E and others but what else can we do, something that's more potent. 
One of the most effective anti-aging molecules found to date is nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, or NAD.

What Does NAD Do for the Body?
NAD is a coenzyme found in all cells and intimately linked with cell metabolism. It exists in two major forms — NAD+, which is the form of NAD that is available to serve all its functions, and NADH, which is the form occupied by electrons and unable to work as needed. NAD+ helps turn the nutrients we eat into adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, which is how cells exchange and produce energy.

Cellular respiration

Further, NAD+ has recently been identified as a molecule that plays a role in human sleep cycles, as well as feelings of hunger. This circadian rhythm determines when you feel tired, when you feel awake, when you’re most active, and the pattern with which all of these feelings emerge. Proper NAD production both depends on and influences circadian rhythms and determines to what extent NAD+ interacts with proteins known as sirtuins. Together, NAD+ and sirtuins perform essential cell processes such as:

Gene expression
Chromosomal maintenance
DNA repair
Preserving and stimulating mitochondria

But, and this is the problem, the Body’s NAD Supply Is Finite
Human Cells once NAD+ interacts with sirtuins to ensure cell health, it gains electrons and is unable to continue providing additional benefits. Therefore, the body must continuously produce NAD for multiple cell processes and prevent cell deterioration. Unfortunately, as we age, our bodies produce less and less NAD.

Diminished NAD affects the body in multiple ways. First, less NAD reduces the cell’s ability to make and utilise ATP energy, which in turn diminishes its ability to perform its function within the body. Second, as a cell finds itself less and less able to produce other functional molecules that support cell health, it will die much more quickly. In these ways, NAD has proven itself to be essential to maintaining proper neurological and organ health; without it, the human body ages and decreases in function.

How Can a NAD Supplement  like NMN (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide) Help?

Ever since scientists realised depleted NAD levels were a potential cause of multiple age-related illnesses from osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, dysfunctional mitochondria and arthritis to cancer and Alzheimer’s, researchers have hypothesised that perhaps continuous replenishment could work to prevent these diseases. As a result, animal studies involving the restoration of NAD to aging mice and rats commenced.

In these studies, researchers added NAD directly to some of the cell cultures, returning the aging mouse cells to NAD levels of younger mice. Then, the cells were exposed to the traditional stresses experienced with age, including oxidation. It was found that much fewer of these cells died than did those in the control group not treated with NAD, leading researchers to conclude that NAD enabled cells to withstand stress and avoid the mechanisms of cell aging.

There have now been a ton of studies done on NAD+ precursors that show a myriad of anti-aging benefits. ( If you want links to the studies message me.)

So what is a NAD precursor?

One NAD precusor is Nicotinamide Mononuleotide (NMN) a derivative of vitamin B3 (but just taking B3 won't work) which the cells can take up and it is only one step away from NAD. (We can't just take NAD directly as the molecule is too big to be taken up by the cells. When we take NMN we boost our pool of NAD available for our sirtuin genes to do their jobs better and this leads to better health, slowing of aging and improvements in cellular health, mitochondria health etc.

The science of turning back the clock is now making real breakthroughs and the future looks really bright when you start seeing what is around the corner in terms of anti-aging.

To that end I highly recommend reading the book "Lifespan - why we age and why we don't need to" by Harvard Medical School scientist Dr David Sinclair who has spent 3 decades on this. In his book he talks at length about NMN and NMN's role in slowing the clock and shares his study results.

But right now you can get NMN in New Zealand on my website www.nmnbio.nz. 

I searched the world to find a reputable scientist to work with in bringing this to Kiwis and Australians. Until recently you had to get NMN from overseas and you never knew the quality, or if NMN was independently certified, the purity etc.

I have teamed up with Dr Elena Seranova the founder of NMNbio, a molecular biologist who has formulated this NMN supplement we now have available.

My first NMN shipment flew off the shelves within hours and the next is due anytime now so if you want to get on the anti-aging train grab some NMN now in my store (currently on back order).

I will warn you now, this NMN supplement is not cheap to make, the process required to produce NMN is very complicated and for as long as you want to slow and even reverse aging you will need to take NMN so this isn't a magic bullet, taken once and you are good to go and no you won't feel like you just had a red bull energy drink when you take NMN, that's not how NMN works, but just like you can't see your hair turning gray but it does, or you can't see day by day the changes in your skins suppleness or you don't from one day to the next notice your mitochondria not producing energy as well, these processes are happening in your body and if you take NMN it will be working at preventing all this decline, working on your cellular health, your DNA repair, your cell replication and more. 

I want to tell you a quick story to illustrate the power of NMN more. When my mum was hit with an aneurysm five years ago and was left with massive brain damage, the medical professionals told me there was no hope she would have any quality of life again, but I ignored that and I found therapies and people who helped me take her from not much over a vegetative state to full health and then some, full independence, her drivers licence even. 

Now for months at a time during this extremely arduous ordeal and rehabilitation I would often no change but I never stopped doing the daily grind it takes to get her back and I got there. Why I tell you this is, if you constantly are just looking for the daily improvements, you won't see them and you will give up but if you believe in the science, you understand and you just keep going with a regime whether it be taking NMN or doing your exercise or meditating, or learning an instrument you will get there. Sometimes you just have to have the patience to see things through, the perseverance to keep going when others stop.
Rant over.

If you want to get NMN and get started on a more youthful you with more energy, more vitality, improve weight loss, insulin sensitivity, cardiovascular health, neural health and more then head over to www.nmnbio.nz

Oh and one last thing. I have my family on NMN and have had them on NMN now for 5 months, here are the effects we have had.

My Family On NMN

Our results have differed one to the other but for me weight loss has been a strong effect without muscle loss. So body composition has changed tremendously which I wasn't really expecting, I have more exercise tolerance (after 25 years of ultramarathon running I had run into a number of health issues), my blood sugars are lower (absolutely crucial to stave off all the horrible degenerative sides of aging) and my brain is operating better, also my anemia problems have improved as has my sleep quality.

For mum again strong weight loss and she has a genetic body type that really struggles with weight gain so that is huge for her. More energy, used to tire around 3pm now goes all day and I have to send her to bed at 10pm.
She is walking faster and able to get up off the ground easier with just the use of something to grab onto (which is so important as you age and something I hadn't been able to get her doing in the 4 and half years previously). Her blood work is trending all in the positive direction.

My brother who is rudely healthy anyway and is surf crazy now can surf up to 6 hours plus a day without tiring and is lifting heavier in the gym.

Husband has had weight loss, better endurance and less mood swings, more testosterone (oh poor me) and is less irritable and down.

So depending on your body and what it is dealing with and your specific genetic make up results will differ but at the deep cellular level it's doing its job.

If you want to get on with slowing the aging process and some studies suggest even reversing aging, want to even improve your fertility, your heart health, your mitochondrial health, your DNA repair abilities and more get some NMN right now at www.nmnbio.nz 

NMN bio