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Improving Healthy Human Longevity Through Gene Therapy With Liz Parrish

A Deep Dive into The Exciting and Promising World of Gene Therapy and its Applications

I recently had the privilege of sitting down with Liz Parrish, the visionary CEO and founder of Bio Viva Sciences.

Our 3 part discussion focuses on Gene Therapies aimed at addressing ageing as a disease and exploring the groundbreaking developments in this field.

Part 1: YouTube Interview

Part 2: YouTube Interview

Part 3: YouTube Interview

Listen to the full episode here at Pushing The Limits Podcast: Liz Parrish

Liz Parrish is a humanitarian, entrepreneur, innovator, author, advocate for genetic cures and a visionary on the forefront of a revolutionary era where the concept of ageing may no longer prevail. She is a scientific pioneer who courageously tested gene therapies out on herself, becoming the first human to receive some of these therapies way back in 2015.

In part I, Liz discusses how her mission has been fuelled by personal experience with her child's illness. We trace her remarkable journey to the forefront of gene therapy and discuss the current regulatory landscape surrounding these groundbreaking treatments. Liz shares her goals for change and invites listeners to contribute to the cause. 

Ageing is at the base of most of the big killers from Alzheimer's to cancers, shifting the primary focus to ageing as a disease instead of focusing on individual diseases associated with ageing, opens the door to addressing a huge spectrum of issues.

We unravel the intricacies of the AAV delivery process and gain insights into the future of gene therapies, including approved treatments and upcoming developments.

In Part II, we explore the role of medical tourism in accessing cutting-edge gene therapies within the limitations of current regulatory systems. BioViva uses data collected through medical tourism to advance clinical research and advocate for regulatory change.

We discuss the crucial need for regulatory adjustments to bridge the gap between technological advancements and implementation, especially with the looming demographic challenges posed by an ageing population.

Many medical advancements have brought us an extended lifespan but not necessarily an extended health span, we discuss this concept and the ways we can change that. 

Part III, our final segment revolves around the crucial importance of enhancing HealthSpan. We engage in a discussion on therapies targeting specific genes like Follistatin, Klotho, and addressing Telomere Attrition. 

Exploring the world of gene therapies with Liz Parrish is a journey into the future of medicine. As we stand on the precipice of a medical revolution, the need for regulatory changes and collective action is more apparent than ever.

For more information visit: https://bioviva-science.com

Every day thousands of patients die from ageing-associated non-communicable diseases (AA-NCDs). AA-NCDs have been recognised by the United Nations as a “threat to global development.” and a mandate has been set to improve the consequences of such diseases. 

Helping patients get access to new therapeutics is Best Choice Medicine’s primary objective.

If you want to join the petition to support regulatory changes in the gene therapy space please go to: bestchoicemedicine.org

If you are interested in Gene Therapy visit: https://www.integrated-health-systems.com

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