Today I want to talk about doing strides and what the benefits of strides are for the runner and how you can do them.

Now, strides are short, fast accelerated runs, so they're usually  around about 100 meters long.

You start off slow and then you speed up to about 95% of your max speed and then hold for two to three seconds. After that you take a 45 to 90 second rest either walking back down the track or field or just standing around.

But remember this don't shorten the recovery period. This is not an aerobic workout. Let your heart rate come right back down.

Do three to four of these to start with, and then work up to doing about six repetitions after a few weeks. They should be about 100 meters long, and they should be a whole lot of fun.

This will teach you how to be more economic with your running.
It'll help you get comfortable with running fast. And after doing these for a couple of months, you will have faster race times do these two to three times a week.

You can do them before your workout, but I think it's a little bit dangerous because you can get an injury so it's better when your body's all nice and warmed up.

So that is what strides are and they're a great way to increase your running efficiency and get more speed. If you struggle with being a slow plod along runner make sure you add these to your program.



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