Warm Up Routine For Runners - Follow Along

Exercise Scientist Neil Wagstaff and Pro Ultra Endurance Athlete Lisa Tamati, co-founders of Running Hot Coaching, the holistic online run training system, take you through a sample warm up routine before your run. 

Warming up is something often neglected by time strapped runners wanting to just collect more kilometres but you do so at your peril. 

A good warm up, opens up and activates the key muscle groups, gets the heart rate up before you shock it with the stress of running, helps you transition from work or sleep to training. 

Prepares you mentally and physically. 

A good warm up also decreases the perception of difficulty in the first part of a run. 

The first 20 minutes are notoriously hard when running but by doing a good warm up you avoid this and the perception of effort is decreased.

So go easy on yourself and include a good warm up and of course cool down routine with EVERY run. 

For more information on our holistic run coaching system and why it's so different than any other plan out there go to https://goto.runninghotcoaching.com/info or for information on Lisa Tamati, her running books, speaking engagements, her mindset academy or sports jewellery line go to www.lisatamati.co.nz


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