Lisa Answers Runners Questions Live on Wild Things Platform.

Live Q & A session with Ultra Endurance Athlete, two time author, run and mindset coach Lisa Tamati on the topic of running, running to extremes, ultramarathons. 

Packed with tips and advice for those wanting to run better or further or those wanting to improve their mental toughness, their resilience and ability to push the limits of endurance.

Lisa Tamati has over 25 years experience competing in the world's toughest endurance events and has run over 70,000km in her career and run in deserts such as the Morrocan Sahara, Arabian desert, Libyan desert, Western Desert, Death Vallley, Niger, Jordan, Gobi desert, The Australian outback, the himalayas and more. 

For more information on Lisa's holistic coaching systems go to https://goto/runninghotcoaching.com/info for more information on Lisa's mindset academy, sports jewellery line, speaking and consulting, her books or documentaries go to www.lisatamati.co.nz


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