Isobel's comeback from Aneurysm. The power of relentless perseverance, love & faith

Just wanted to share an amateur video of Mum's journey back from severe brain damage after her aneurysm. 

The work that has gone into her recovery has very honestly nearly broken me and our family time again, we had no road map, no hope was given she would ever get back to any quality of life but with massive and I mean massive sacrifices, perseverance, faith, hope and self belief we have together done the undoable. 

We still have work to do and always will have but as long as you live you should fight. Never ever give up, keep hope alive and be relentless and disciplined even when you see no progress for weeks or months.

Keep going and keep going. 

Mum's book chronicling her journey and the learnings we made on this path will be out later this year. 

If you are interested in being on the VIP list upon its release please dm me or email lisa@lisatamati.co.nz. 

I am putting heart and soul into sharing this journey because I want to give hope and a path to follow for others going through tough times whatever they maybe.
Don't forget to email me to get on the Pre release VIP book. lisa@lisatamati.co.nz


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