The power of the state of gratitude

Gratitude is one of the highest states we can achieve.

The more I research and learn about the mind and the older I get the more I understand the power of the state of gratitude. It's one of the highest states that we can be in and releases hormones into our system that actually change how we feel and lower the stress hormones we release. 

Becoming more concious of being grateful is something we can work on constantly. Every time we get annoyed, frustrated, angry at some we need to try and stop and catch that negative thought, own it and understand how it's not serving us but hurting only us and then replacing it with thoughts of gratitude. 

Now this sounds easy but believe me it takes a lot of work. But as with everything with practice it gets easier. So next time someone cuts you off in traffic and want to give them the finger, or the next time your kid makes you angry turn it around and think what makes you grateful about this situation. 

With the traffic it might be that you are grateful you live in a country with great roads, that you have the privilege of owning a car and so on. Catch the negative thought, and turn it into one of gratitude and watch how your moods change and with it eventually your health and your stress levels.

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Be Grateful And Change Your Life

Gratitude - mindset


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