Endurance Rice Cake Recipe

Endurance Rice Cakes

Endurance Nutrition - Rice Cakes

Endurance Rice Cakes

These are a great snack for your long training sessions or for racing. Full of easy to digest carbs a little fat and sugar and easy to make and pack to take with you.


500 grams of rice (risotto or sushi rice) 
250grams cream cheese
3 Tbsp Agave nectar or honey
Two big pinches of cinnamon
3 Tbsp of sugar (optional)
Vanilla extract
Wash the rice thoroughly then put it in a large saucepan with 800 ml of water (be exact) the vanilla extract and the cinnamon.
Bring to the boil then reduce to a simmer and place lid on the saucepan.
Cook for 10 mins or until all water is absorbed.
Pour into a  flat cake tin or tray.
Add in cream cheese, agave nectar or honey and sugar.
Mix well and then flatten out in the tray and press down
Put it in the fridge overnight to set then cut into squares and wrap for a fabulous carbohydrate rich snack on your training runs.
White rice is easily digested by most people and has no bulky fibre so won't leave your stomach upset during long runs.
You can make variations by adding in dried fruits and nuts, sprinkling with more cinnamon or cocoa etc even add a layer of your favourite spread in between the rice layers.


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