Why Epigenetics Is The Future Of Personalised Health

No more of the one size fits all approach to health and fitness

Wouldn't it be great if your body came with a user manual?

Which foods should you eat, and which ones should you avoid?
When, and how often should you be eating?

What type of exercise does your body respond best to, and when is it best to exercise?

Discover the social interactions that will energise you and uncover your natural gifts and talents.

These are just some of the questions you’ll uncover the answers to in the Epigenetics Testing Program along with many others.

There’s a good reason why epigenetics is being hailed as the “future of personalised health”, as it unlocks the user manual you’ll wish you’d been born with!

No more guess work. The program, developed by an international team of independent doctors, researchers, and technology programmers for over 15 years, uses a powerful epigenetics analysis platform informed by 100% evidenced-based medical research.

The platform uses over 500 algorithms and 10,000 data points per user, to analyse body measurement and lifestyle stress data, that can all be captured from the comfort of your own home.

In this masterclass Exercise Scientist Neil Wagstaff talks to Angela Jenkins from the Kaizen Institute about epigenetics, epigenetic testing and how it can help you personalise your approach to health, fitness, nutrition.
Ever wondered why one person can eat a lettuce leaf and put on weight and another can eat a ton and not, why one is more prone to building muscle fibre and another struggles.
Want to know why your diet or your training programme isn't bringing the results you want or how you can get optimal results then this webinar is for you.
If you are interested in epigenetic testing please check out our information at Epigenetics


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