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Leasing a Hyperbaric Chamber 

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a powerful partner in optimising your health, getting you back after an illness or surgery and helps with hundreds of ailments. But what if you didn't need to go to a clinic but could have this treatment daily in your own home?

Hyperbaric chamber Leasing

Hyperbaric Therapy currently costs between $90 to $320 plus GST per session at a treatment facility.

Going to a clinic is great but if you want to do your therapy daily in the comfort of your own home it makes sense to lease a chamber so you can take advantage of doing a block of treatments back to back.

Doing a session just once in a while isn't going to cut it especially if you have somes difficult health problems. Most people need regular treatments for anything from 30 to 100 sessions and doing this early in your recovery will bring many benefits.

At our clinic you can have 1.5 ATA sessions for 60 min and it costs $100 per session. But when you lease, you are able to do treatment seven days per week or even twice a day in the comfort of your own home at just $395 incl. GST per week. This represents a 50% saving when you take into account travel expenses and time … and you get an extra Free week with every six week rental.

Call us for a no obligation consultation to discuss your specific needs and we will design a treatment protocol to help you get the best results.

3 things you need to know before engaging in Hyperbaric Therapy

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