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How To Run Faster, Be Stronger, Run Longer, Without Burnout & Injuries.

Running Hot Coaching provides a holistic approach that is personalised to you.  A running program designed to get you to the starting line in the best shape possible. Our running programs are completely customised to your level, injuries, lifestyle, goals and schedule. 

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Epigenetics Program

Wouldn’t it be great if your body came with a user manual? Which foods should you eat, and which ones should you avoid? When, and how often should you be eating? What type of exercise does your body respond best to, and when is it best to exercise? These are just some of the questions you’ll uncover the answers to in the Epigenetics Testing Program along with many others. There’s a good reason why epigenetics is being hailed as the “future of personalised health”, as it unlocks the user manual you’ll wish you’d been born with!

No more guess work. The program, developed by an international team of independent doctors, researchers, and technology programmers for over 15 years, uses a powerful epigenetics analysis platform informed by 100% evidenced-based medical research.
The platform uses over 500 algorithms and 10,000 data points per user, to analyse body measurement and lifestyle stress data, that can all be captured from the comfort of your own home see more…

Lisa's Shop - Anti-aging supplements,Jewellery,Books

Make sure you check out Lisa's Longevity and Anti-aging supplement NMN a NAD+ Precursor. More Supplements coming soon


Did you know Lisa is also a goldsmith - check out Lisa's "Fierce" Sports Jewellery range.

 A collection of bracelets, necklaces and earrings celebrating you, your accomplishments, your goals and dreams. Motivational quotes to keep you focused and strong and gorgeous pieces to gift or for yourself. 

Lisa has also written 3 books. Her latest "Relentless - How a mother and daughter defied the odds" chronicles the story of bringing her mum back from the brink of death after a major aneurysm left with with massive brain damage.  This is an awesome inspiring story of strength, courage, never giving up and beating all the odds.

 Lisa's first two International Best Selling Books "Running Hot" and "Running to Extremes chronicling Lisa's adventures all around the world are also available.

Lisa also has a range of mobility and strength products to help you stay you stay fit, strong and mobile.
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MindsetU - Lisa's Online Mental Toughness Course

If you want to take more control of your life, and achieve those long held dreams, and stop self-limiting beliefs and thought patterns that hold you back from reaching your full potential, then Lisa’s Online Mindset University is for you.

MINDSETU clients develop mental toughness, emotional resilience, and a never quit mentality and develop next level leadership skills in an exciting, interactive, adventure rollercoaster of a course that will have you fully engaged and excited about what you can achieve. This is real life learning with real life practical actions that will change your perspective and the trajectory of your life see more…

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What our clients are saying

Vin Framularo - Connecticut

I would like to share how much the Running Hot Coaching group has significantly impacted my 28 year long running career. 🏃🏻

2 years ago I broke my back, and a doctor told me I would never run again, and it would be 2 years before I could walk. 🤦🏻‍♂️
Talk about sucking out one’s soul! When that’s what you know, and what you’re good at, it’s devastating.
But I didn’t listen to anyone except my supportive family. 12 weeks later I ran my first 50k. 🔥 I was just so grateful to be able run (and walk!), I went out for 8 miles that day, and just kept going.
It’s been a very long road to get back, but a fun one to just truly appreciate running and getting outside again.
Since then I’ve met some amazing characters.
Some of these influential characters were in person, and some were inspirational characters thru books and documentaries like “Desert Runners” and “La Ultra”.
One woman that really stuck I was laid up on the couch and trying to get back to fitness...was Lisa Tamati. I thought “holy shit, that lady is such a positive badass!”...”I want to do races like her!”
I printed pictures of every race that day and stuck them to my “dream board”. My big goal is to absolutely crush the UTMB and take my family to a desert Ultra Race “vacation” 😆
I’m proud to be taking on my first step on that board...the Vermont 100 miler next weekend.... And some great Running Hot Coaching, of course 👌
You guys are are all awesome, and I appreciate you , and hope to represent the our Running Hot Coaching family well  👊🏻🔥

Laura Brown - San Diego

"Lisa Tamati isn’t just sharing information she has learned from others or books. 
She has learned her most valuable information from her own experiences! Fighting her personal mental battles/ Running Ultras through deserts.
 Her Podcasts are great! I love that she is able to give me advice on being an older runner! Lisa’s guidance on mindset is my favourite! I love that I can think my way through just about anything! 
She dosen't sugar coat distance running at all! 
She does give you the tools you need to PUSH through! 
Her podcast “Pushing the Limits” . Wow! Lisa n Neil together are an amazing team of coaches! 
I can’t wait to Read Lisa’s Upcoming book "Relentless"! Thank you Lisa 💪❤️🏃‍♀️!!!!"

Vin Framularo | Running Hot Coaching | Lisa Tamati

Review from our Run Weekend Attendees

Matt and Juliet Alexander

Lisa Tamati is our hero and meeting Lisa in person was on our bucket list, so when the Running Hot Coaching weekend came up we were presented with the ideal opportunity to do this.

My wife Juliet and I have read her books and then watched, read or listened to everything we could on social media - not in a stalker-ish sort of way either - which at 50 years old inspired us to take on and complete the Tarawera 50km in 2019. 

Lisa’s public profile doesn't prepare you for just how humble and down to earth Lisa is in real life. Just a small town New Zealand gal with a heart of gold and one hell of a positive outlook on life that is super catching. I think charismatic is the word that best fits but there are also so many more. 
My wife and I are what you would probably call an introverted couple. We are not performers, prefer to keep to ourselves and we are typically quiet & shy. 
Wham! Lisa unexpectedly grabs us, “We don’t shake hands here. We hug!”. 
Imagine our surprise and elation at being welcomed by our idol with a hug. The magic of our weekend started right there and then! Our defenses had completely fallen and we were ready to participate fully in this weekend’s programme. 
I’ll just put it out there right now. Neil Wagstaff you are a bloody legend! 
Neil is the unassuming rockstar behind the Running Hot Coaching System. 
A humble, hard working family man that was completely present for us all ensuring we, as individuals with very different needs, got out of the weekend what we came for. 
Coach Carlos has one hell of an inspirational “fat-to-fit” and beyond type story, which resonated well with me, that was gently teased out of him by Lisa. 12 Miler attempts in 12 months! 
So what did we get out of it you might be asking? 
The Running Hot Training weekend was entertaining, informative, enguaging, enabling and motivating. To sum it up in one word, “Bloody-Fantastic!”. 
The rhythm of quick paced informative seminars followed up with practical “how to do” sessions was spot on. 
The Running Hot Team are subject matter experts (SMEs if you like) and are clearly excellent teachers as well. We were not just talked at, we learnt. 
For me the take home message was more a take home method as I finally understood how “The Why” actually preludes the “how to”. Figure out your own “Why” and then the “How” will make more sense. 
Why do we run? Why do we do the drills? Figure these out then just go do it. 
We took the time to do a review because the Running Hot Team gave us so much to include in our own lives. Not just in running but our mind set for tackling all of life’s hurdles. 

Matt and Juliet Alexander | Running Programs Online | Lisa Tamati
Running Programs Online | Lisa Tamati
Marathon Training | Lisa Tamati NZ
Trail Running Coach | Lisa Tamati NZ

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