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List of Videos following Isobel's Recovery

A big thank you

To all those who have purchased the book and read about Isobel's incredible comeback journey we invite you watch the videos that accompany the book.

These are amateur family videos for the most part, just done on an iPhone but chronicle her step by step progress.

A picture paints a thousand words they say and if that's true these videos  really put you in the picture of just what she went through and just how far she came. 

Words in a book can never really show what videos so easily portray.

We apologise that the videos are not professional videos, we didn't know at the time of her rehabilitation just how important they would become not only for the book but also to keep Isobel motivated. To look back is to realise just how far you have come.

The Tamati family hopes this book and these very personal videos will inspire and encourage others facing dark or difficult times to not give up and to be "Relentless" 

Lisa and family 

View Isobel's Comeback After an Aneurysm Playlist Below