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Peptide Therapy and Caring for Our Cells with Dr William Seeds

Peptide Therapy and Caring for Our Cells with Dr William Seeds

We often associate illnesses and pains with old age. But our guest today reveals that the real cause of health problems is how you’ve lived your life. Accumulated amounts of stress can change our bodies down to the cellular level. Luckily, scientific discoveries such as peptide therapy can help our cells function better. Age is not the issue. If you take care of yourself, being older can mean being at the peak of your performance. 

In this episode, Dr William Seeds joins us to discuss how our cells function and how epigenetic influences can harm our bodies. He shares how peptides and peptide therapy play a crucial role in keeping ourselves healthy and treating injuries and illnesses! As we age, our bodies slowly lose their ability to perform specific functions, including growth hormone production. But with the right intervention, including peptide therapy, a 100-year-old can produce just as many growth hormones as someone a quarter their age! 

Want to learn more about peptide therapy and how to age gracefully, then this episode is for you!

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Understand that taking care of our cells and helping them function properly is essential to living a healthier life. 
  2. Discover why diseases are not a function of age but how we have experienced life and accumulated negative influences on our cells.  
  3. Learn the importance of growth hormones and how peptides and peptide therapy can help with the neuroplasticity of our brains. 


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Episode Highlights

[05:29] William’s Background and His Father’s Death

William used to train with his father when he was a young athlete. Unfortunately, he lost his father on the track right before his eyes. He could not do anything to save him. His life changed drastically afterwards. As the eldest sibling, he had to take charge. 

William questioned how someone could seem like they're in the best of health but die so early. This thought led him to learn more about biochemistry and molecular biology. 

In the full episode, he shares the one book that jump-started his interest in biology and chemistry.  

[09:15] Shifting from Business to Medical School

William shares that he was a business major, but he spent most of his college days researching and reading more about biochemistry. He became so good that he started helping people with their biology classes.  

When he graduated from business school, he knew that his path was in medicine. Along the way, he faced people telling him that he couldn't do it. However, he found a way to enter medical school by taking accelerated classes during the summer. These classes let him qualify for the entrance exam. 

People’s advice, even disbelief, can help us achieve the impossible. Listen to the full episode to learn more about William’s shift and how he even got early admission!  

[16:59] The Value of Constant Learning

When William went into medical school, there were many things that didn't make sense to him. So he used to argue and get in trouble. He observed that the cell is more important than we give it credit for. While it's good to know its components, it's more important to understand how we can use it to treat illnesses. 

His work on nutrition and the cell built his orthopedic career and research on peptides. Eventually, he taught others about the application of peptides in their practices. 

Learning is not about being smart; it’s about constantly working hard to gain and build knowledge. You have the power to explore what interests you and build expert-level knowledge based on the research you can find online.

[25:32] What Are Peptides? 

Peptides are signalling agents that help maintain cellular health. There are many different names of peptides, depending on how and where they are made. They can be called hormones, enzymes, or more. 

Some of the most significant scientific discoveries started with the study of peptides. For example, insulin is one of the major peptides discovered back in the 1920s. Peptides may seem complicated, but you can make people understand them. 

William encourages everyone to learn more about it to make better decisions for their health, but it is the job of empowered people to educate people. 

[34:20] Peptide Therapy and Epigenetics

Our genetics are unchangeable, but epigenetic influences can change how our cells transcribe and translate our gene's instructions. Epigenetic influences include things that affect us every day, like stress, aging, disease, and more. 

The work that William does, including peptide therapy, is all about epigenetics. Cells have their own intelligence. We just need to give them the ability to correct themselves. For instance, we need to maintain cellular redox — the thermodynamics of the cell.

[37:02] What Happens When a Cell is Not Performing Well

When epigenetic influences harm the cells’ performance, they become senescent cells. Our bodies are programmed to kill these unhealthy cells, but this doesn’t happen all the time. Senescent cells are the key to aging and diseases. 

When these cells establish themselves in the body, it is hard to get rid of them, especially since they can build up over time.   

[41:48] Aging and Growth Hormones

As we age, the brain loses the capacity to release the same amount of growth hormone, which is the master regulator of our body. By the age of 30, we experience a slow decline in how much growth hormone we can produce, which decreases even more with age. 

However, you will never lose the capacity to create growth hormones. What dictates this production are the events in your life that affect your body and whether you have a buildup of senescent cells. 

Peptides and peptide therapy can help you regain the ability to release endogenous growth hormones based on your body’s demand. 

[44:29] How to Increase Growth Hormones

There are over 100 types of growth hormones. Each one is released based on the body’s demand. Cells can recognise if synthetic growth hormones do not match the demand, and this can be harmful. 

One way we naturally release growth hormones is during sleep. 

[48:22] The Value of Growth Hormones 

Peptides can help not only with improving the increase of growth hormones but also with neuroplasticity. Certain peptides have specific uses. For example, Ipamorelin allows the secretion of growth hormone within 20 minutes of usage. This is typically used before sleeping and upon waking. 

Brain injuries tend to shut down more growth hormones. This goes to show how improving brain function involves many levels. Senescent cells suppress the stem cells' ability to perform repairs and can convert stem cells to senescent stem cells.

Listen to the full episode to learn more about growth hormone pathways and how they improve function! 

[53:07] Age is Not the Issue

Even if neural pathways have been damaged, the brain can build new ones. Age is not an issue; older people can still produce new neural pathways. There are a lot of aspects needed to create these pathways. It involves timing, planning, building momentum, and supplements.

The gut plays an important role in recovering from brain injuries since it makes a lot of neurotransmitters. You also need to look at the cell membrane because you can lose certain phospholipids vital to conduction in axons and how neurons work.

[56:49] There is Hope

William’s goal is to help people have enough knowledge to know that they can prevent themselves from things like a traumatic brain injury. Certain diseases take time to incubate, so you won’t even know you’re in its path until it’s too late. 

We must take advantage of the knowledge that we can improve our cell’s functions: we can change a cell to be more protective, more efficient, and keep it that way. We should aim to live our lives to the fullest capacity, no matter our age.

William shares that even though he is already in his 60s, his capacity is at its peak.  

7 Powerful Quotes

[29:25] ‘If anybody tells you something is too complicated, you have to have a PhD to understand that, right away, you should call bullshit because it means [they] just can’t teach well.’

[29:48] 'We all have the same capability of understanding. So our job is to educate people of what they have out there and not to keep them thinking they can't learn this.' 

[44:58] ‘The cell knows what to make when the body has the demand.’

[50:21] ‘Growth hormone has some tremendous downstream effects that are effective in so many ways, in helping people regain the ability to improve cellular metabolism in the brain.’

[57:32] ‘We can change a cell to be more protective, more efficient, and keep that cell.’

[57:41] ‘We’re not looking to live at 150 years of age… We’re looking to live every day of our lives at our fullest capacity.’

[58:13] ‘There is just so much that people deserve to know that they can be doing it, that they can change their lives no matter what state they’re in.’

About Dr William Seeds

Dr William Seeds is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon. For over 25 years, he has been a leading physician specialising in all aspects of sports medicine and total joint treatments. Dr Seeds is also the world's leading authority on peptide therapy, with training in advanced metabolic and nutritional medicine. 

In his constant pursuit of medical research, he has published several research papers. Among his works is the first handbook on peptides written for practitioners, Peptide Protocols Volume One. He is the founder and president of the Seeds Scientific Research and Performance (SSRP), the training institute on cellular medicine and peptide therapy for medical practitioners.  

Dr Seeds is also the Chief of Surgery and Orthopedic Residency Site Director for University Hospital, Conneaut and Geneva, Ohio. He has also been honoured at the NFL Hall of Fame for his medical services as a Professional Medical Consultant for the MLB, NHL, NBA, and NBC’s Dancing with the Stars. 

Interested in Dr Seed’s work? Check out his website.

You can also reach him on Youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.      

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