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Barefoot Ted's Wild Adventures

Barefootted Marathon Runner & Entrepreneur


Many have come to know about Barefoot Ted through the pages of Christopher McDougall’s best-selling book Born to Run.

Barefoot Ted spent over a decade mastering natural running techniques, and is an accomplished athlete known for self-experimentation and testing his natural human capabilities. Barefoot Ted is founder and president of LUNA Sandals, the adventure sandal company based in Seattle, and Solowheel Seattle, the one-wheeled urban transporter company he started in 2014.

In 2003 Barefoot Ted McDonald was on a seemingly simple mission: to learn how to run pain-free. That simple desire led Barefoot Ted down a rabbit-hole of a quest to learn as much as he could about natural running form, the natural selection of footwear, and the evolution of human movement. On his barefoot journey, Barefoot Ted re-discovered that the human body is not broken by design – humans have an amazing capacity to move well solely with their own equipment – their bodies. As he learned more about the natural selection of footwear in human cultures, Barefoot Ted kept finding the simple sandal as the footwear of choice for many cultures past and present.

This fascinating quest into the world of movement, running, and simple footwear led Barefoot Ted to a man named Caballo Blanco and into the Copper Canyons of Mexico in 2006; the story of which is famously chronicled in Christopher McDougall’s best-seller, Born To Run.

Nowadays Barefoot Ted heads up a minimalist shoe company called Luna Sandals based on the sandals used by the Tarahumara Indians in Mexico. Barefoot Ted is also a proponent of the solowheel and believes this relatively new way to get around will become a phenomenon.

Connect with Barefoot Ted

You can find out more about Barefoot Ted at www.barefootted.com and to check out the Luna Sandals go to Luna Sandals

To purchase the book in which Barefoot Ted starred "Born to Run" by Christopher McDougall go to http://www.chrismcdougall.com/born-to-run/
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This is the best podcast for long runs. Lisa is just so relatable, honest, funny and inspires me to push my own limits. Awesome guests (I particularly enjoyed the podcast with Kim Morrison) and a wide variety of topics covered. Thanks for keeping me running, Lisa!
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My favourite podcast ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

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I am getting my mojo back with regards to my health and running after treatment for breast cancer, I connected with Lisa as I was looking for positive influences from people who are long distance runners and understand our mindset. Lisa’s podcasts have been a key factor in getting me out of a negative space where I allowed others limiting beliefs to stop me from following my heart and what I believe is right for me. After 18 months of being in cancer recovery mode I wanted to get out of the cancer mindset and back to achieving goals that had been put aside. Listening to Pushing The Limits has put me onto other great podcasts, and in the process I have learnt so much and am on a pathway to a much better place with my mindset and health. Thanks so much Lisa for doing what you do and always being you.


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