Lisa Tamati | Mental Toughness Speaker & Human Potential Expert

Want To Engage, Inspire and Change Your Audiences' Life?

Lisa inspires and educates teams and groups around the topics of mental toughness, goal-setting, leadership, change management, health and safety, risk management, developing confidence and overcoming the imposter syndrome, taking on massive challenges and overcoming hurdles and much more,  using her own personal brand of humour, and resilience. 

Lisa uses real world examples from her career as an ultra-endurance athlete, serial entrepreneur, coach, author, media personality, documentary maker, biohacker and health activist. A career which has been punctuated by both extreme highs as well as extreme lows and overlays this over real world challenges to leave meaningful imagery, actionable change, and words that inspire and move to action.

Lisa's ultimate goal is to deliver real world frameworks, tools and techniques, that will leave your team empowered, energised and ready to take on the world. 

As an audience, you will leave understanding that your greatest potential lies within you and that it's your responsibility to grab life and not let anything hold you back. Lisa's approach is raw, real, genuine and heart felt and transformative.

She has presented at corporate and industry events both in New Zealand and internationally for more than 15 years,.

Lisa ensures that all of her presentations are tailor-fit to the audience, are dynamic, engaging and are always highly-entertaining but most importantly your audience will walk away inspired and changed. Ready to take on the challenges ahead.

Lisa can tailor a presentation, workshop or wellness program to suit the needs of your organisation. She can deliver everything from fifteen minute impact talks’ to two-day, life-changing workshops. 


Help your team at this stressful time in history

Lisa is available to do live conferences, as well as online webinars, and workshops to small and large groups. Here are some of her popular topics:

Managing Stress and Building Resilience 

  • Dealing with stress and uncertainty
  • Developing tools for facing big challenges head on
  • How to make great decisions under pressure
  • How to keep moving forward when facing bad odds, crisis situations and tough times. 
  • Overcoming adversity and letting it make you stronger.

Peak Performance For Teams and Individuals

  • Mental Toughness
  • Overcoming limiting self beliefs
  • Empowering your team to reach their full potential
  • Setting visions and goals
  • Finding your purpose and values 
  • Understanding your why
  • Why motivation follows action

Fundamental Health Strategies & Tools

  • How to control your physiology when fear is threatening to overwhelm
  • How to keep your mind and body well 
  • Structuring foundational health routines to help develop stronger more resilient people
  • Understanding the basic science behind stress responses and how you can mitigate the damage
  • Using techniques like meditation, deep breathing, nutrition, exercises and social interactions to calm the nervous system 
  • Sleep disturbances and insomnia and how to deal with it.
  • and much more

Talk to Lisa today to see how she can help empower your team.

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Health, Mindset, Executive Coaching Consulting with Lisa

If you would like to have a consultation or group of consultations with Lisa to tackle some specific health, fitness, sporting, workplace or mindset challenges you are facing then book Lisa here: Coaching with Lisa

Programs that Lisa can offer: 
Lisa is a Genetics Profiling, Health Coach and Mindset Coach.
She is a qualified Ph360 Epigenetics coach and has done years of research into brain rehabilitation and biohacking. 
Developing mental toughness and emotional resilience 
Getting over the imposter syndrome. 

How to believe in yourself.Leadership Development - for women, by a woman

Peak performance - staying resilient, mentally and physically healthy while being a hard charging, high achiever

How to make yourself limitless. No longer want to be in the box society wants you to be in?

Want to write a book, know what it's like to become documentary maker, a jeweller, run events, become an ultra endurance athlete, lead expeditions,  run health programs, start a clinic or build a brand, start a podcast or a TV show or want to be a sought after speaker then tap into Lisa's extensive experience and skill set.  

Work with Lisa and tap into her secrets and lessons learned on the journey. You can book a one hour or block of consultations to be held in person, via zoom or on the phone as required.
Just purchase the time block here Coaching with Lisa and she will be in touch to make a time.


Lisa also offers corporate coaching packages. Many organisations are keen to invest in their employees development and coaching is a great way of doing this. Ask your employer about funding available for this. Just reach out to Lisa at and she can help you put your case forward!

Lisa is an absolute force of nature. Her incredible ultrarunning achievements were the most visible demonstrations of her mental fortitude and willingness to live the heck out of life. 

I've known Lisa for well over a decade and have worked with her across various media projects including a TV series, documentary and more recently a podcast. 

She brings the same approach and planning from her running to all her projects and it's all powered by her iron will, resolve and willingness to step outside her comfort zone. Lisa is a brilliant communicator and storyteller. If you are looking for a keynote speaker, TV, radio or podcast guest or simply need some advice around health and fitness, reach out to Lisa, she is world-class and applies cutting edge research and information to her thinking. 

Her incredible story helping to heal her Mum after a brain aneurysm is testament to her approach to life. That story alone should be compulsory listening for everyone.

TV Producer Peter Tainui | Mental Toughness Training
Peter Tainui

TV Producer - Mahitahi Media

Women in Leadership Conference attendees comments -Wellington

“Lisa was amazing! Mind blowing!”

“Very inspiring stories. Lisa Tamati, what an incredible woman!”
“Lisa’s presentation was incredible. Held my breath with anticipation every second and had me in tears.”

Lisa came highly recommended to me by a fellow professional event organiser. And boy, was she right in recommending her!

Lisa was enthusiastic, thorough and professional from the get go. As she had to travel to get to us, Lisa was accommodating and understanding of our circumstances. 

On the day of the event, Lisa opened the line-up of speakers and brought the audience together, through her great humour and honesty. She is 100% herself, and this suited our event perfectly.  

We have received great praise for Lisa post-event from our audience members, and I have no hesitation to have Lisa speak for us again…. Or to highly recommend her to anyone wanting a speaker with passion and authenticity.

Fergus Clark | Corporate Speaking | Lisa Tamati NZ
Laura Gaveika

Project Manager- Tauranga International Women’s Day 2021

CEO Paul Bolte | Motivational Speaking | Lisa Tamati
Paul Bolte

CEO of Bartercard New Zealand

"You were the favourite speaker of the day. Combining personal stories, humour and strong principles to deliver a powerful message. As a professional speaker myself I know when someone is good and you are very good, I would highly recommend you to any organisation looking for an inspiring speaker to take their team to a whole new level."

"That was such a powerful presentation. To get a standing ovation from our people was just outstanding. Thank you so much for your energy and telling your story with such passion."

Fergus Clark | Corporate Speaking | Lisa Tamati NZ
Fergus Clark

Hello World

Lisa Tamati | Motovational Speaker New Zealand
Stephen Mullins

Lexvoco Legal Operations

 "Lisa is an amazing, engaging speaker. Her stories were very personal, and quite incredible in terms of her endurance, inner strength and relentless drive, and she relayed them powerfully and effectively. The audience were totally engaged. We knew Lisa would be great but she exceeded our expectations as a speaker."

Having Lisa as our opening speaker at our conference was a superb choice: inspirational, authentic and engaging, relatable. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, experience, and the reality that is your life - you are amazing!

Rusty Ritchie | Lisa Tamati Inspirational Speaker NZ
Rusty Ritchie

Taranaki Regional Council

Phil Kingsley Jones | Public Speaking Training | Lisa Tamati
Phil Kingsley Jones

Sports Manager/Comedian

"Lisa is not only an extraordinary athlete with an incredible and unique story to tell but she is also an inspirational speaker who manages not only to be extremely entertaining but who also leaves the audience, motivated, moved (often to the point of tears) and feeling like 'Wow if she can do it then so can I'. She is a warm and open hearted person, a passionate speaker who will appeal to conference goers, business people, sport groups, schools and charities alike. Her message and the analogies she draws on from her very tough sport, are relevant across the board."

Lisa's presentation, was real, honest, engaging, relevant and thought provoking. Our entire managers group gave Lisa a well deserved standing ovation for 3 minutes. 

I spoke with a number of our managers post Lisa's presentation and all confirmed Lisa was one of the best speakers they had ever had the privilege of listening to. 

I highly recommend Lisa as an inspirational and real speaker.

Stephen Murray | Team Building NZ | Lisa Tamati
Stephen Murray

General Manager Sales and Marketing, Heritage Life Care

Just Some of the Companies Lisa has worked with...

Just Some of the Companies Lisa has worked with...

Enquire about booking Lisa For Your Next Event...

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