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The Search For The Perfect Protein

Dr David Minkoff's perfect protein

Recently I had the privilege of having Dr David Minkoff a world renowned functional medicine practitioner from Florida  and 70 times Ironman Finisher who is still competing in elite age group competitions at age 71. I love having the opportunity to interview people who walk the talk and have been there and done that and Dr Minkoff certainly has that on so many fronts.

Dr Minkoff has spent decades helping athletes reach their full potential and helping his patients through hard to fix health problems not to mention hosting TV shows, writing books and producing top quality supplements. 

On our podcast we discussed his book "The Search for the Perfect Protein.

Proteins are the basic building blocks of the human body. But most people are malnourished in amino acids, which are required to form protein—a deficiency that can lead to diabetes, obesity, cancer, and chronic diseases. It’s a serious problem for which Dr. David Minkoff offers a powerful solution in The Search for the Perfect Protein.

Dr. Minkoff provides a new appreciation and understanding of these vital components of life and wellness. He examines the healthful or harmful effects of the foods you eat regularly. And he explores the importance of clean proteins in your diet while offering indispensable guidance on where to find them.

Not all proteins are created equal, and they’re not just for bodybuilders. 

You can listen to the podcast interview here: 


Since recording the interview I have been using and recommended this amazing product to all my clients and athletes not to mention my family and the results have been astounding. In fact I personally won't go without it. 

So now we have teamed up with Dr Minkoff's team at Body Health to bring "Perfect Aminos: downunder. 

PerfectAmino® is comprised of pure Essential Amino Acids in an exact
ratio that is 99% utilized to build new protein and collagen in the body ‒ without the calories.
1 serving (1 scoop or 5 tablets) is the protein equivalent of
approximately 30 grams of whey, pea, soy and collagen, but
instead of 120 calories, you only get 2.
How much PerfectAmino to take daily and when?
This depends on many factors, ranging from your goals, to your body size & weight, to whether or not you workout and how much, whether you are recovering from an injury, or if you
have a pre-existing medical condition.
There are even variations in the digestion of protein. Two 80kg
men could each consume the same type and amount of
protein. But if one has a weak digestive system, they will have less protein broken down into
individual amino acids with which to build new protein than the person with a strong
digestive system ‒ despite each eating the same amount. As PerfectAmino is "pre-digested"
this isn't a concern. But it shows one person may need more than another due to the state of
their digestive tract.
Below we will first cover the basic amounts for you to start with, depending on what you are
trying to achieve. You can then tweak these amounts depending on how you are doing with it.
For overall health and energy, increased lean muscle mass, collagen production,
and stronger bones, take a baseline of 1 - 3 servings daily:
For maximum utilization of PerfectAmino it’s best to take it 30 minutes before other fats or
proteins, or 1-2 hours after. However, if this is not possible you will still get fantastic results and
near 99% utilization ‒ so don’t worry! Start with the following amounts for your body weight:
• Up to 110 lbs: Take 1 - 2 servings first thing in the morning
or before bed.
• 110 - 140 lbs: Take 2 servings first thing in the morning
or before bed.
• 140 - 170 lbs: Take at least 2 servings first thing in the
morning and 1 before bed.
• 170 - 200+ lbs: Take at least 2 servings first thing in the
morning and 1-2 before bed.

If you take those amounts you should be noticing positive changes within a couple of weeks.
NOTE: When taking two servings in a day it is most effective when taken at
the same time, not split up.
If you workout daily:
To improve performance, you may want to add 1-2 servings to the above. Take PerfectAmino

Meats, Fish and Poultry: 15grams converts to 1 serving of PerfectAmino
Whole Eggs: 10 grams converts to 1 serving of PerfectAmino
BCAAs: Just get rid of these, they are almost entirely
converted to sugar and will not help you except for a sugar
boost (followed by a sugar low and potential mood swings).
Some things to think with:The structure of your body is
made of amino acids: yourmuscle, bone, nerves, tendons,ligaments, organs, skin, cells, two
thirds of your hormones, and even your enzymes ‒ the tiny chemicals that cause the various
chemical reactions inside your body. So, having low amino acid
levels truly can affect the body in a myriad number of ways. That
being said, while taking PerfectAmino, it is also important to maintain healthy fat intake, low
(but adequate) carbohydrate intake, minerals, as well as daily vitamins (especially B12) for the
body to function and utilize amino acids to the fullest.
Some people are especially low in amino acids, or have compromised digestive systems, and
may find they have some intestinal issues when first taking PerfectAmino. In this case you
may choose to consult your physician. In many cases, however, this is just a mixture of detox
pathways turning back on, the healing of intestinal tissue, and other factors. This should pass
within a few weeks as the body starts correcting. If you experience looser stools it’s a good
idea to take the aminos with food for the first couple of weeks and start with 1 serving per
day. If you experience constipation, increase your water intake with the aminos and
throughout the day.

Intermittent Fasting & Ketosis using PerfectAmino:
With the Keto diet many people have trouble taking away their body’s accustomed energy source (sugar) without, at the same time, giving it what it actually needed in the first place: usuable amino acids to build the body’s structure. When adding in PerfectAmino, most people who had trouble with their Keto diet or the “Keto Flu”, now find they are able to follow through with it. And adding in PerfectAmino will not add calories onto this or take them out of Ketosis, it will only enhance their gains.

With Intermittent Fasting we are trying to do something very similar to Keto. We are trying to
remove sugar from the bloodstream long enough to lower Insulin levels and turn back on
Lipase for fat burning. This often happens after about 10-12 hours of fasting.
The problem has been that food sources that provide calories will break the fast. But, if you’re

working out during this fast, you also risk losing muscle. without the amino acids from protein.
PerfectAmino solves this. As 1 serving of PerfectAmino is only 2-4 calories, less than your fasting blood sugar levels, it will not break a fast. At the same time, it will give your
muscles what they need in order to recover during and after a fasted workout, and so prevent muscle loss.
Many people who fast between dinner one day and lunch time the next day take 2 servings of
PerfectAmino first thing in the morning. This gives them a perfect start to the day, with
everything their body needs protein-wise, but alsodoes not break the fast, so they are able to continue
losing weight from it while maintaining lean muscle.

If you are trying to lose weight, PerfectAmino can help in two ways:
First, it can help build lean muscle, which in turn burns fat. The more muscle you have on your
body, the more fat it will burn to feed this muscle. Amino acids are also necessary to make
Thyroid, Lipase, Glucogen and HGH, which each have a role in fat-burning.
The second way is by replacing low-utilization protein powders with PerfectAmino. Over 80%
of protein powders are converted to sugar in the body, not protein. This sugar triggers a
hormone called insulin to shuttle the sugar to the cells for energy production. But when there
is more sugar than the body needs, the insulin converts the sugar into body fat (energy for
At the same time as all of the above, the insulin also suppresses the enzyme Lipase, which is
responsible for burning body fat, effectively ensuring that fat is not burned while sugar is in
the bloodstream and for about 10-12 hours thereafter.
Replacing these powders with PerfectAmino, which is 99% utilized as protein, gets you the
same amount of protein or more, while cutting out the high sugar content and insulin spike.
And it will not break a fast.
Counting macros with PerfectAmino:
Many people count calories and macros to ensure they are getting what their bodies need,
while also keeping their diet in check. Depending on what they are trying to accomplish
(bulking, cutting, cardio) these may be different amounts and ratios.
However, 1 serving of PerfectAmino contains only 2-4 calories. So if you switch it out with other
proteins you will be getting the same amount (or more) of protein...but not the calories.
If you are trying to lose weight this should be just fine, and replacing out protein powders with
PerfectAmino will get your body exactly what it needs for muscle and recovery, but without
the excess calories that may be converted to fat you would otherwise have to cut later on.
However, if you are also trying to maintain calories at a certain range, in order to bulk up, you
may want to replace the calories lost with healthy fats and low-glycemic carbohydrates.
If you want to try "Perfect Aminos" click here:Perfect Aminos"