The Running Hot Coaching Program is the online run coaching program that will have you running faster, longer, and stronger whilst avoiding burnout and injuries.

The platform, born out of a combined lifelong passion for running, and health and fitness, combines real-world training strategies, cutting-edge science, and training philosophies that have been perfected by Lisa and Neil over the past decade as coach and athlete 

By joining the Running Hot Coaching community you’ll be a part of a holistic training system that’s truly breaking new ground in it’s approach. Running Hot Coaching runners (or 'Running Hotties' as they’re affectionately known) don’t overly-expose themselves to injury, or spend any won't spend unnecessary hours training a week by running 'junk miles', as the Running Hot Coaching system steers clear of the old traditional high mileage models. 

At Running Hot Coaching you’ll be getting the most out of your body in the shortest amount of time, and joining the hundreds of success stories from around the globe over the past decade see more...


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