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Reprogram Your Life for a Healthy Body with Dr. Bruce Lipton

Reprogram Your Life for a Healthy Body with Dr. Bruce Lipton

When faced with a medical condition, most people either pay someone else to improve their lives or develop a fatalistic or defeatist view. But you have the power to change your life and improve your health. You can reprogram your mind for a healthy body and fulfilling life.

In this episode, Dr. Bruce Lipton discusses how conscious and subconscious programs dictate our health and how you can reprogram them to your advantage. He also touches on topics including the current healthcare crisis around the world and spirituality.

If you’d like to learn about reprogramming your subconscious for your happiness and a healthy body, this episode is for you!

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Discover the power of epigenetic programming and how it works.

  2. Learn the three ways to reprogram your mind for a healthy body.

  3. Find out how the healthcare industry could be negatively affecting your health.

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Episode Highlights

[04:24] Stem Cells and Epigenetics

We lose millions of cells every minute. We get new cells from stem cells.

Dr Bruce Lipton was cloning stem cells in 1967.

Genetic determinism is false, as genes are merely blueprints. Your mind is the one that activates and modifies the genes. Genes do not cause diseases; instead, they correlate with them.

[13:56] Genes vs. Consciousness

Believing in genetic determinism can make you feel like a powerless victim. Epigenetics is about controlling your genes and knowing that consciousness is creating disease. Changing your biology and behaviour can change your life.

Before you can control your genes, you need to learn how epigenetics works and how to do it. Our brains are computers; you need suitable programming.

[19:35] The Power of Programs

Remember that you have the power to exert control over your physiological systems and attain a healthy body.

Thinking, which takes up 95% of your life, redirects the focus of consciousness inside your head and allows autopilot programming to take over. Your programs determine your life and mentality, so pay attention to them.

[29:34] Three Ways to Reprogram For a Healthy Body

Our two minds ⁠— the conscious and subconscious ⁠— function and learn differently. Putting your brain into theta using hypnosis can help you change a program. You need practice and repetition to create a solid program.

Energy psychology is about looking at your life to find out your programs and changing the subconscious programs.

[46:57] Spirituality Frequency

If a television breaks, the broadcast still keeps going. Your body is the television, and you're the broadcast. In a sense, this means that you cannot die.

Listen to the full episode for research on cellular electrical activity and its correlation with mothers and their children!

[51:25] What Happens After Death

We can keep our minds conscious about what happens in the world, but we can tune into intuition so that the deceased become part of the field of information.

Communicating with the deceased at an intuitive level is possible.

[52:25] How Fear Affects Programs

The issues that plague the world, such as pollution and war, are created by programs.

We make antibodies before we're even born. Antigens stimulate the immune response and are what our bodies use to identify pathogens. If you have a healthy body, stop looking for bad signs or symptoms. Looking or the symptoms of a disease can create them.

Fear causes immune system shutdown, vulnerability, and conflict.

[1:05:17] Negative Impacts of Corporations

A corporation’s first and foremost rule is to make money for shareholders. Pharmaceutical companies only care about making money, robbing people of their chance at a healthy body.

Science has no more freedom because corporations control the flow of research.

If you want to hear more about how big healthcare corporations and pharmaceutical companies exploit people for profit, listen to the full episode!

[1:11:09] Does Medicine Cure or Kill?

An article by Dr Barbara Starfield, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 2000, revealed that medicine is the third leading cause of death in the US.

Iatrogenic illness refers to illness caused by medical treatment.

A few years ago, an article in the British Medical Journal came up with the same results. Both prescription and illegal drugs kill people every year. We can't even trust vitamins because they're being regulated as drugs.


7 Powerful Quotes

‘Here's the point, most everybody out here has been programmed by the belief that genes provide the character of our lives, that they came from our parents and they determine our traits. And if we don't like our traits, you can't change the genes.’

‘How you see the world will determine which version of protein will be created from a gene, like a wiser realm.’

‘Then epigenetics says that my consciousness is creating this. And therefore if I change my consciousness, I change my biology, change my behaviour, I can do anything with it.’

‘Consciousness is you. Your specific identity, your spiritual domain, you, here. The rest of the brain back here is called subconscious, below conscious.’

‘You weren't there for most of the programming. It started even before you were born. And it went a whole year from zero to one — you weren't there. They went from one to two who are in therapy, you're getting programmed every day.’

‘So when the TV breaks, did the broadcast stop? The answer's no. How do you know I said, we'll get another TV, plug it in, turn it on and tune it to the station back on again. And here comes apart because this is called reincarnation, you cannot die.’

‘Evolution is community coming together in harmony. And today's world is the antithesis of evolution and evolution as one separate the world and then make polarised groups charging each other go well then there's no unity.’

About Dr Bruce

Dr Bruce Lipton is a renowned stem cell biologist and leader in bridging the gap between science and spirit. He received his PhD from the University of Virginia in Charlottesville and joined the Department of Anatomy at the University of Wisconsin’s School of Medicine in 1973. His studies on stem cells gave rise to epigenetics.

He is the bestselling author of The Biology of Belief and recipient of the 2009 Goi Peace Award. As a highly sought after keynote speaker and workshop presenter, he's been a guest speaker on hundreds of TV and radio shows and a keynote presenter for national and international conferences.

Many people have transformed their lives by applying the principles he discusses in lectures. He is one of the leading voices of new biology. 

Learn more about Dr Bruce’s work on his website.

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