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The Six Cornerstones For Better Health with Dr Charles Meakin

The Six Cornerstones For Better Health with Dr Charles Meakin

Most of us go about our lives, assuming that the changes we may feel in our bodies are simply signs of aging. When we’re sick, we look for treatments and quick fixes.  A more proactive approach to your health could save you from the financial and emotional distress that comes with a scary diagnosis. 

In this episode, Dr Charles Meakin discusses how Care Oncology has provided early detection services, along with alternative and additional treatments for cancer patients. He talks about the benefits of disease prevention, particularly cancer prevention. He also shares the six fundamentals for better health and encourages us to live healthier, even if we don't suffer from diseases. 

Tune in if you want to learn more about cancer and disease prevention through better life practices!

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Understand how Care Oncology is providing accessible options for cancer detection and treatment. Find out the four drugs on which the company is focusing its efforts.
  2. Discover Dr Charles' six fundamentals for better health. 
  3. Learn to see threats as opportunities and be able to stay consistent.

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Episode Highlights

[03:45] Dr Charles' and Care Oncology's Background 

Charles has worked in oncology for 30 years. He started working at a big hospital in Charlotte, but pivoted after becoming legally blind. He eventually discovered Care Oncology, a company that applies metabolic strategies for cancer treatment. 

Care Oncology was started by Robin Bannister, a pharmacist and drug developer. His wife had developed stage-four breast cancer and had exhausted all treatment options. Robin selected four drugs commonly used for non-cancer disorders but were found to affect cancer. 

Robin selected four drugs based on human data, safety, non-overlapping effects, and their benefits for other chronic conditions. 

[08:46] Care Oncology's Approach

Care Oncology uses metformin, atorvastatin, doxycycline, and mebendazole. The company kept the dosage of the four drugs within a specific range. Additional drugs, like Prozac and oxaloacetate, also proved helpful along with the metabolic approach. 

Over the years, cancer research has focused more on the somatic mutation theory than the metabolic theory. The metabolic approach to cancer is slowly becoming more widespread. Even Dr Weinberg, who championed the hallmarks of cancer, added three more hallmarks that are purely metabolic.   

[16:52] Diet and Future of the Metabolic Approach

From a somatic perspective, diet is not very important to curing cancer; however, food does affect cancer. The standard American diet of proteins and fruits and grains can cause issues for cancer patients.

Care Oncology has recently merged with Stage Zero Life Sciences for early detection. They perform blood biopsies and are looking into the RNA expression of white blood cells. 

Early detection technology is slowly becoming more available. As the company expands, they intend to add various types of cancers to their treatment list. Learn about Care Oncology's testing process by listening to the full episode. 

[30:38] What Care Oncology Prioritises

Charles shares that Care Oncology prioritises the markers with the most impact, as nuanced tests are more expensive. The death rate from cancer may decrease, but the cancer rate is increasing.

He shares how one in three women who get breast cancer become bankrupt after treatments. Care Oncology wants to reverse this experience by providing cheaper early detection methods through blood biopsies. Their process includes follow-ups and discussions. 

Their State Zero tests are currently available only in the US, but the company hopes to expand over time.  

[36:28] Why Early Detection is Important 

Tests can predict patterns before cancer physically manifests. It's important to get regular physicals, lifestyle checks, and screenings every 18 months to 2 years. The earlier you detect cancer, the higher the survival rate. . Early detection can also mean less expensive.

According to Charles, colon cancer detected in stage one has a 90% chance of being cured. However, the later the cancer is detected, the lower the chance of being cured. It costs more to fix something than to prevent something. 

[43:11] There's No One Treatment for Everyone

Charles shares that his best outcomes were when he customised treatments based on patients' needs. Unfortunately, cancer treatment is often too focused on following guidelines. It’s important for patients to have hope that they can get better. 

Unfortunately, physicians have little time to fully engage with patients. There is no “right way” to treat cancer. What works for one patient may not work for others. Talk to your doctors about what you’re putting in your body. This also applies to the vaccine and diet. 

[56:12] Balance is Key 

It’s important to be aware of your sugar intake. A patient’s BMI can have an impact on the success of treatments. Charles recommends intermittent fasting with a diet of animal protein, healthy fats, and low fructose fruits. Couple this diet with micro-exercises before and after meals. 

Our muscles are the biggest organ in our body, and they can act as metabolic neutralizers. Make sure your meals are balanced. Remember to consider your sleep and mood.  

[1:01:48] Find Opportunities 

Everything can be seen as an opportunity to learn more about yourself and to grow. See things as a challenge instead of a threat. Not everyone has a growth mindset, but people will ‌develop this by identifying their purpose. 

[1:06:32] Dr Mekin’s Recommendations: BEGSIS

First, nostril breathing. Second, eat only real foods made up of fats, proteins, and low carbohydrates. Keep yourself hydrated. Get moving to maintain and enhance your functionality. 

Sleep. Make sure you recover and have your rhythms in order. Have intent and always have a mission bigger than yourself. Be social and involve yourself with others. Social isolation is a predictor of demise.  

[1:10:37] Focus on Fundamentals 

With everything happening in the world, it's easy to focus on the negative. Remember to be in the moment and look for the beauty in life. Get back to the core fundamentals. 

[1:13:33] Keep Testing Yourself 

Not everyone can do everything at the same time. Therefore, doctors need to help people prioritise what will work for them. 

Charles shares that he's very proud of Care Oncology's work in cancer treatment. Despite being 63, he likes to climb mountains annually to challenge himself. Charles details how he puts himself in uncomfortable situations in the full episode.

[1:19:21] Future of Medicine

Charles shares that the next ten years may change many things in medicine. Look into the research. Clinical practice is often behind the latest developments. Stay persistent and take care of yourself.

Twenty years ago, people would die one year after losing their vitality and independence. Now, they tend to live up to 12 years. They may be alive, but they're often unhappy. 

7 Powerful Quotes

'A healthy person has multiple wishes and ideas while a sick person only has one wish — that's to get better again. Early spending of the dedication of time and money pays off.'

'A lower dose metabolic protocol with prescription drugs and supplements, and lifestyle coaching prevent the development of disease or cancer.'

'If you find cancer in stage one, you have a greater than 90% cure, which is surgery at most. Then if you find it in stage four, the cure rate drops down to the mid-teens, then you're never off treatment, and you will spend a fortune.'

'...to eat anything. That is the worst advice that you can give a cancer patient.'

"We're evolutionarily designed to eat primarily fats and proteins with some seasonal carbohydrates. So that's what 99% of our biology was based on.'

'Sometimes, an ounce of prevention could save you financially and, actually, health.'

'A lot of times, there's a silver lining to some of these obstacles put in our way.'


About Dr Charles

Dr Charles Meakin is the US Medical Director at Care Oncology Clinic with over 40 years of experience in healthcare, eastern philosophies, fitness predictors of longevity, and happiness. In 2018, he retired after 30 years in radiation oncology practice due to a worsening retinal condition. He then joined Care Oncology and launched his charity health and wellness coaching. 

Want to learn more about Charles? Check out Care Oncology and Coach it Forward, Chuck

You can also find him on LinkedIn.   

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