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Reversing Diabetes and Alzheimers with Dr Dave Jenkins

In this episode I interview the incredible Dr Dave Jenkins, a Bredeson Protocol trained practitioner, GP, Founder of Surfaid International and a man on a mission to help individuals, families, and communities improve health outcomes through effective and achievable evidence based methods.

His vision is to resolve the root cause of illness and reduce barriers to true health through education, coaching, and shared care scalable models

He is a specialist in cognitive decline.

In this interview you will learn:

  • What contributes to Alzheimers and dementia and neurodegeneration

  • Why you need to understand your metabolic state

  • How to manage your blood sugar and why you should

  • How to reverse diabetes

  • Understanding mold toxicity

  • Why you need a personalised approach to these major disease

  • How lifestyle changes can greatly improve your life, your longevity and health span

  • Why obesity is an inflammagen

  • How Vitamin D and zinc affect Brain health

  • Why we need more health coaches

  • Dr Dave's work with Dr Dale Bredesen the world leading Alzheimers expert and author of Alzheimers the first survivors and The end of alzheimers and developer of the PRECODE and RECODE protocols. You can listen to Dr Dale Bredesens podcast on the show

  • Dr Dave has also published his work with Dr Dale Bredesen showcasing 10 cases of alzheimers reversal.

If you would like to get help from Dr Dave and his partner holistic nutritionist Miki Okuno visit https://revitahealth.co.nz/

They can help you tackle dementia and alzheimers, reverse diabetes and help you get more control over your health destiny.

Also visit https://reversalnz.co.nz/ for more information on reversing alzheimers along with Dr Dale Bredesen website: https://www.apollohealthco.com/dr-bredesen/

Visit https://www.vcstest.com/ for the visual contrast sensitivity test mentioned in the podcast to assess for neurological issues or possible toxin contamination issues.

Dr Dave Jenkins Bio

  • Medical Director

  • GP and Director of Wellness Initiatives – Ngati Porou Hauora

  • Founder of Humanitarian Aid Organization SurfAid

  • Optimal Health Consultant

  • Bredesen Protocol Practitioner

After graduating from Otago University Medical School in 1982, Dave's extraordinary career began with developing one of the largest rural medical practices in New Zealand with 6,500 patients; then pursued medical education as a Senior Lecturer at Auckland Medical School ; to Executive Director of a large multinational healthcare program in Asia; to SurfAid, an award-winning charity he founded in 2000.

Dave's achievements have been recognised many times over, including being a top ten semi-finalist for New Zealander of the year in 2012.

Dave is passionate about reducing disease and suffering on a global scale and helping people reach their optimal self. SurfAid programs have reduced mother and infant mortality rates in the villages where they operate, reduced the incidence of malaria in these locations and prepare residents for emergencies such as earthquakes and tsunamis through their unique "emergency preparedness programs".

Dave Jenkins qualified from Otago University Medical School in New Zealand in 1982. His career included general practice, senior lecturer at Auckland medical school, executive director for education for a multi-national health corporation and founding humanitarian NGO SurfAid, voted “one of the best Non-Government Organizations in the world” in 2007 by the World Association of NGOs, winning their humanitarian award from over 49,000 NGOs..

Semifinalist for New Zealander of the Year in 2012, Dave was also awarded the Rainer Arnold Fellowship for social entrepreneurship in 2007. Dave is recognized for his successful work with Indigenous communities in multiple island groups helping to significantly reduce their maternal and childhood mortality and morbidity using community-based health behavior change projects. As well as practicing part time as a GP in New Zealand and as Medical Director of wellness initiatives for Ngati Purou Hauora he is a functional health consultant specialising in the prevention and treatment of cognitive decline and reversal of Diabetes and Prediabetes.

He has trained with Professor Dale Bredesen and along with other practitioners has published 100 cases of documented reversal of cognitive decline and early Alzheimer’s using a multifaceted lifestyle based metabolic enhancement program.

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