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In the "Pushing the Limits" Blog Lisa writes about everything running, mindset, mental toughness, emotional resilience, leadership qualities, high performance insights, health science, medical breakthroughs and information, mobility, strength training, fitness, holistic health, epigenetics, nutrition, supplements, weight loss, toning, hormonal health, brain health,  and much more.

Click on the links above to find training videos and tutorials to articles and interviews with experts. 
Check back regularly to be inspired, educated and to get information that will help you reach your full potential, full health and the best sporting performances.

Categories include running, mindset, mobility and strength training, nutrition and weight loss and interviews with leaders in their field from athletes to scientists to health care professionals 

Lisa also interviews world leading experts across many genres from cutting edge scientists and leading doctors to biohackers, elite athletes & high performance experts to anti-ageing & longevity experts. You can also find the latest episodes of Lisa's podcast "Pushing The Limits" here.


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